Pixel Tablet: Google also working on the Pro variant?

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about Pixel Tablet: during the Google I / O of 2022, the company actually confirmed that it be working on the tablet and then they followed many rumors and leaks who have revealed a large part of the technical specifications and functions of the device (which at the moment we do not yet know when it will arrive).

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While the Pixel Tablet hasn’t been released yet, it seems that BigG are however thinking of a Pro version of the device: developer Kuba Wojciechowski, digging into the code of the Google Camera Go app, discovered references to a mysterious Google device, characterized by the code name Tangor Pro.

In the past, the codename Tangor had been associated with the Pixel Tabletso it is reasonable to think that Tangor Pro is precisely the code name of the Pixel Tablet Pro. Obviously, for now these are the only information we have: we don’t know if the Pixel Tablet Pro will actually make itnor any technical specifications or a launch date.

Remaining on the Pixel Tablet theme, from recent rumors we know that the Google tablet will have a screen of a full 11 inches (10.95 to be exact), 128GB or 256GB internal memory and support for Wi-Fi standards 6. Also, there will be support for one stylus to take notes directly on the tablet. Obviously, the operating system will be Android 13.

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Finally, we recall that some have recently been published screenshot of the home screen (and not only) of the tablet: find more details in this article.

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