Plants, the 10 most common species in the world

They are the main production source of oxygen, along with cyanobacteria. Sources of nourishmentsolutions medicalorigin of our Relax psychological and wonder chromatic for sight, plants define our life on the planet to the point that without them human existence as we know it would be impossible. Although we live in the era of the sixth mass extinction, the decline of plants is for now limited to 139 extinct species or present only in cultivation since the time of Charles Linnaeus, father of the classification of living beings. However, according to theIucn the International Union for Conservation of Nature, are over fifty thousand species at risk: attention to preserving our ecosystem must therefore remain very high.

Even today we do not know all the existing plant species: their number fluctuates, because new genres are continually being described and others are being renamed. From the eighteenth century with Linnaeus until today they have been described further 250,000 plant species, but their number is increasing every day. The current discovery rate is around two thousand plants the year and this makes their numbering and classification a dynamic operation. To identify the most common plants today Wired employed the magazine’s classification Phytotaxa, peer-reviewed scientific journal dealing with systematic botany and contributing to the discovery of a quarter of new species each year. In fact, speaking of the numbers of the plants of the world we cannot count them one by one but we must choose a numbering of the existing species. Here’s what they are the ten most widespread plants in the world, classified by number of species.

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