PlayStation 6 in 2027? New clues emerge about the next generation console

In a recent document written by sony and presented in the context of the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft bitterly opposed by Sony, new details have emerged about the launch of the Next generation PlayStation. The console should launch after the 2027exactly 7 years after the launch of PS5.

In the document, Sony underlines its concern for the brand of call of Duty which, according to the Japanese house, could abandon its platform. This is one of the main reasons why Sony is trying by all means to hinder the acquisition by almost 70 billion dollars.

Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, has already repeatedly said that his company has no intention of denying Call of Duty to PlayStation users even in the years to come. In particular, Spencer said that Microsoft will continue to release Call of Duty on the Japanese console “until there is a PlayStation on sale“.

However, Sony continues to fear the loss of one of its best sellers and this time it also specifies the dates. In one of the passages, the Tokyo company underlines the high probability that at the launch of its next generation, the console could remain uncovered on the Call of Duty front. significantly limiting the competitiveness of the platform.

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In a second step, Sony places the separation between PlayStation and COD in 2027. Putting the information together, it is assumed that the new PlayStation 6 should arrive on the market in the same year. In reality, the aforementioned document has two versions, one handed over to antitrust commissions, the other made public.

As the analyst points out Piers Harding-Rolls on Twitter, in the public one a date was removed that seems to place the launch of PlayStation 6 precisely in 2028. In both cases, however, this heralds that PS5 will have a life cycle of at least 7 years equal to PS4 if not more.


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