Polaroid Now and the others, which instant camera to choose in 2022

A Polaroid car always remains an icon, even if the car in question is a latest generation model like Polaroid Now and Polaroid Go. Certainly there are huge differences between these models released on the market in recent years and the historic Polaroid SX-70, OneStep, Polaroid 600 and Spectra; on the other hand, however, the newcomers are anyway fun to use and they would probably have gotten a smile from Andy Warhol, Helmut Newton, Robert Mapplethorpe, Maripol, Keith Haring and Guy Bourdin as well. Yes, the very ones who experimented with the first models and favored their success.

The historic Polaroid founded by Edwin Land in 1937 no longer exists, also because the success of digital photography since the 1990s has destroyed the instant film market. But a group of enthusiasts, called The Impossible Project, in 2008 took over the last factory still active to meet the needs of owners of vintage models. Almost 10 years later the project has become Polaroid Originals and in March 2020 the transition was completed with the rebirth of the brand Polaroid.

So here are all the most recent products of this line of instant analog photography, which uses a slightly different technology than in the past but keeps its appeal intact. But be careful: the photines no longer wave like they used to; now, after having taken them off, you have to put them away in the dark or facing the table and wait fifteen minutes. After all, time passes for everyone. For those who prefer to experiment with these gadgets while staying away from the Polaroid brand to get closer to Fujifilm or thermal sublimation printing, we have made a special selection of the best instant cameras from other brands.

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Polaroid Now

The design recalls the models that have made the history of the brand but the profiles are more rounded, while the colors give a touch of joy. The grip is always excellent while the weight is still 434 grams without the i-Type film cartridge (8 shots) – remember that the format is 107 x 88 mm, but the image has dimensions of 79 x 79 mm. The portability around the neck is therefore rather limited. The lens, as we found in our Polaroid Now review, automatically switches between landscape and portrait format. Furthermore, the flash modulates the intensity in relation to the environmental condition.


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