Psychologist bonus, from today you can apply

From today, 25 July, it is possible to forward the requests to receive the psychologist bonus, introduced by the so-called Milleproroghe decree of last February. There will be time from 25 July to 24 October to apply, through the INPS website or by contacting a call center of the institute. The contribution will be paid primarily to people with the lowest Isee, according to the order of arrival of the application and until resources are exhausted.

  1. How can I apply for the psychologist bonus?
  2. How is the psychologist bonus used?
  3. How much is the psychologist bonus?
  4. Who is eligible for the psychologist bonus?

How can I apply for the psychologist bonus?

From the INPS website, simply enter the wording Contribution to psychotherapy sessions inside the search bar (located at the top of the portal home page, next to the logo), click on the corresponding item (the first on the left), and identify yourself via Spid, electronic identity card or national service card.

Alternatively, you can call the INPS contact center at the toll-free number 803.164 (from landline) or, for a fee, to 06.164.164 (from mobile network).

Once the application is completed and approved, each beneficiary will receive a unique code of 12 characters, to be communicated to the professional where the psychotherapy sessions are to be carried out. At that point, the psychologist or psychologist will directly communicate the code to the INPS to receive the payment, which cannot exceed 50 euros for each session.

Once you have received the unique code you will have them maximum 180 days to be able to use it.

How much is the psychologist bonus?

The total amount that can be accessed depends on the ISEE of the person requesting it. With Isee lower than i 15 thousand eurosyou will be entitled to receive a maximum of 600 euros for each beneficiary. With Isee between 15 thousand and 30 thousand EURthe maximum ceiling is 400 euroswhich become 200 for Isee between 30 thousand and 50 thousand euros. In each of these cases, the threshold established for each session is 50 euros.

Who is eligible for the psychologist bonus?

All people with an Isee income of up to 50 thousand euros can access the bonus in conditions of depression, anxiety, stress and psychological fragilitydue to the pandemic emergency and the consequent socio-economic crisis, who are in a position to benefit from a psychotherapeutic path”, As indicated in a circular of the INPS.

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