Rachel Maddow explained how her show figured out that Trump’s fake elector plot was coordinated across multiple states.


Maddow said:

We had the documents we had the fake slates of electors because the Republicans who were involved in the scheme actually sent them in to the National Archives which is where real electoral votes are supposed to be sent. You can see the real elector documents. You can see every state does them a little differently. They all come on some variety of certificate they have their own quirks, their own fancy or not fancy paper, decorations and seals this is what the real one looks like.

Look at the forged Republican documents. They do not look so fancy. In fact, they match. The same formatting, same font, same spacing and almost the exact same wording on every single one because of the obvious similarities between all these forged documents from all these different states, it really didn’t seem like this, the Republicans in all these different states, all independently had the same idea that they would all commit this kind of fraud all in the same font if that was happening independently, they would have all sent in documents sort of different or at least matched what the proper format was supposed to look like in their state. Instead, they all matched from all the different states it appeared to be a coordinated effort somebody telling all these Republicans in all the different states here’s what you’ll do. Put your name here. The fake elector scheme, apparently a centrally organized scheme operating through multiple states.

It wasn’t until the 1/6 Committee was investigating and Maddow hammered away at this over multiple shows that the Justice Department decided that they maybe should open an investigation into this fraud.

The Trump campaign didn’t exactly try to hide what they were trying to pull. They didn’t make much of an effort to cover their tracks, but what they did was against the law. It should have been investigated, and it is an open and shut case.

Without the public embarrassment of the DOJ by people like Rachel Maddow, the investigation might have never happened.


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