GOP Representative Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) took a bold step by filing a privileged resolution to ‘censure, condemn, and fine’ serial liar Rep. Adam Schiff for his ‘egregious abuse of trust’ last month.

The resolution, if successful, could result in a $16 million fine imposed on the controversial Democrat from California, which is half the cost of the Russia hoax investigation.

A week ago, the California Democrat dodged receiving a public rebuke from his colleagues because 20 Republicans voted with Democrats to table the resolution.

The chamber voted 225-196-7. Twenty Republicans voted with Democrats to block the resolution, while seven lawmakers — five Democrats, two Republicans — voted present.

Below is the list of Republicans who voted with Democrats to protect Schiff.

  1. Kelly Armstrong, North Dakota (ND)
  2. Lori Chavez-DeRemer, Oregon (OR)
  3. Juan Ciscomani, Arizona (AZ)
  4. Tom Cole, Oklahoma (OK)
  5. Warren Davidson, Ohio (OH)
  6. Brian K. Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania (PA)
  7. Kay Granger, Texas (TX)
  8. Garret Graves, Louisiana (LA)
  9. Thomas H. Kean, Jr., New Jersey (NJ)
  10. Kevin Kiley, California (CA)
  11. Young Kim, California (CA)
  12. Michael Lawler, New York (NY)
  13. Thomas Massie, Kentucky (KY)
  14. Tom McClintock, California (CA)
  15. Marcus J. Molinaro, New York (NY)
  16. Jay Obernolte, California (CA)
  17. Michael K. Simpson, Idaho (ID)
  18. Michael R. Turner, Ohio (OH)
  19. David G. Valadao, California (CA)
  20. Steve Womack, Arkansas (AR)

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Even President Trump called for the 20 pro-Schiff Republicans to be primaried.

Now, the wannabe senator from Southern California is going to face judgment again.

“I have called up my censure motion and will be bringing the vote to hold Adam Schiff accountable to the floor [today],” Rep. Luna announced on Twitter Tuesday night.

In a statement, she expressed confidence in securing the necessary votes, with several colleagues indicating their support for the motion.

“I have spoken to many of my colleagues. A majority of the 20 will be changing their vote to support the motion, as well as other Members who were not in town for the initial vote have let me/my office know they will be voting with us,” Luna said.

“We have secured the number of votes needed to censure Adam Schiff and refer him to Ethics,” she added.

Paulina emphasized that the motion was not driven by retribution but rather a response to what she perceives as a double standard of justice in the country, exemplified by recent events involving Hunter Biden and the Department of Justice.

“It is well within my right as a Congresswoman to file a privileged motion and hold Adam Schiff accountable for abusing and exploiting his official position and bringing dishonor to the House of Representatives. I am fully aware of the constitutionality of it all and that is what this is about.”

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“I look forward to restoring honor to the House of Representatives this Wednesday and appreciate the Members who have come forward to support this historical censure in an effort to bring accountability and trust back to this very sacred institution,” she said.

The Washington Times reported Monday that the resolution’s sponsor, Florida Republican Anna Paulina Luna, introduced the resolution again without the fine.

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