It was just yesterday when Gov. Ron DeSantis was reportedly rebooting his presidential campaign by dropping his obsession with woke. On Fox News, DeSantis said if elected president he would strike back at woke by getting rid of the Commerce Department which is home to the National Weather Service.

The problem with getting rid of the Commerce Department:

The governor of natural disaster magnet Florida should know that getting rid of the National Weather Service is a really bad idea. If DeSantis doesn’t know that the National Weather Service is part of the Department of Commerce, he probably shouldn’t be running for president, and he definitely shouldn’t be listing random of the federal government that he would eliminate.

Ron DeSantis is losing to Trump badly in the Republican presidential primary, so his new tactic seems to be to try to out Trump, Trump in the realm of stupid statements.

Gov. DeSantis seems to be killing time on the campaign trail as he waits for Trump to succumb to a lifetime of Diet Coke and hot dogs, or for Jack Smith to put the former president in cuffs.

Ron DeSantis is Dollar General MAGA, and it is not working.

The Florida governor might need an intervention because his obsession with woke is out of control and the big campaign reboot lasted less than a day.


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