Samsung changes strategy and challenges Apple again

Samsung is definitely among the major players in the smartphone marketthanks to its presence in every market segment, including that of Tablet.

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In the last few hours, Samsung’s plans have held their own important meetingsgoing to define the Samsung strategy for next year and probably for those immediately to come. It all comes together in one more attention to qualitywithout focusing too much on cost reduction.

Specifically, the vice president of Samsung Electronics Han Jong-hee explicitly referred to “think of ways to strengthen competitiveness of smartphones without getting too caught up in the cost reduction“. This suggests that Samsung management has charted a path for the company to strengthen competitiveness on the smartphone segments of high endthose that are characterized by higher quality, and neglect to a greater extent the segments that concern lower price ranges.

This therefore seems to us to be a clear sign of greater competitiveness against Applewhich has always been active in the very high end of the smartphone market.

This should lead Samsung to outclass rivals which instead are active in the medium and low end of the smartphone market.

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This also marks a sort of crossroads for Samsung. For several years, the company has shown itself to be particularly active in the mid-range of the market, with many models in the series Galaxy A which allowed them to compete in the crowded race present in the mid-range segment.

With this new strategy, Samsung should instead focus more on the high-end. This should culminate in the development and launch of a completely new processor developed in house, a bit like he did Google with its Tensorwhich should arrive for the 2025.

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