Sanremo: if you can’t take it anymore, the Visitors marathon on Warner TV can save you

V – Visitors yes also distinguishes for a subtle humorous vein that emerges above all thanks to Tyler’s cynicism. While the leaders of the Resistance consider testing the red powder – or the substance extracted from the bacterium that killed Elizabeth’s brother – on an alien guinea pig, Tyler unceremoniously proposes to experiment on Willie, the harmless and kind visitor who collaborates with They. The shocking proposal is greeted with dismay by all, but in the general horror is the expression of Ham, who does not realize the proffered monstrosity, to unleash the hilarity.

8. Diane and Lydia duel

There are many signs that indicate that the alien species that includes Diana, Lydia and Pamela, leaders of the Visitors, is not one that favors female friendship. Completely devoid of solidarity and indeed animated by a fierce rivalry, the ambitious exponents of the high extraterrestrial leaders with supercomfortable hair Invectives and hypocritical jokes are thrown at each other in the best of cases, while in the worst they kill each other to seize power. In a decidedly kitsch sequence, Diana and Lydia made up like Kiss they face each other in an (involuntarily) ridiculous tribal duel to the death.


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