Satellite constellation, here is the one made in Italy to observe the Earth

Tackling the challenges of Earth observation program: this is the goal that prompted D-Orbit, Exprivia, Planetek Italia and Serco Italia to found Operational solutions for Iride (Osiris), the consortium which will produce ideas by favoring the birth of startup and innovative approaches to it development of the satellite constellation Iris. Osiride will also extend the benefits to a large ecosystem of small and medium-sized enterprises and startups in all Italian regions, thus guaranteeing innovation and a further boost to the growth of the aerospace sector.

Iris is the most important European space program for theEarth observation at low altitude and represents a significant component of the NextGenerationEu dedicated to development of the aerospace sector, to support the ecological and digital transition. The program will build a system that includes all the components – upstream and downstream – to deliver geospatial services at national and European level, both to the public administration and to private clients.
Iris will consist of a constellation of 36 satellites of various types and sizes that combine SAR, optical, panchromatic, hyperspectral and infrared sensors. The constellation will be made in Italy e completed by 2026 with the support of the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency for a total value of 1.3 billion euro allocated under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

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The constellation will help the Civil Protection Department and other administrations a cope with hydrogeological instability and firesto protect the coasts it’s at monitor critical infrastructures, air quality and weather conditions. The context and size of Iride’s projects are such as to generate numerous opportunities for work for young talents, researchers and professionals working on space technologies.

The four Osiris partner companies are specialized and leaders in different segments of the sector ofEarth observation: D-Orbit in the space logistics and transport services sector, Exprivia in ground systems and corporate software solutions for public and private customers, Planetek Italia in the development of services and analytics derived from Earth observation, Serco Italia in the design of infrastructures for the management of satellite data.


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