Shoprite shoppers will now be able to shop for non-food items worth at least R500 using Mobicred’s credit facility, and they can take up to 12 months to pay.

The online credit provider confirmed the partnership with Africa’s largest supermarket retailer in a statement released on Monday, adding that the purchase option will be made available to customers across the Shoprite group.

“The integration of Mobicred into the group’s Money Market service speaks to the need for smart, purpose-based credit that is obtainable by their customers in a more seamless way within their physical stores,” Mobicred CEO Jason Sive said.

“For us at Mobicred, the move has been intuitive. We’ve identified an increasing demand for mobile credit within physical stores as well as online. Our customers want the option of using a mobile credit facility wherever they find themselves and at their own convenience. This behaviour speaks to the rapid growth of omni-channel retail in South Africa, as shoppers look to expand their choices across multiple digital and physical touchpoints.”

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Shoppers will be able to use the facility to buy electronic goods and appliances. According to Mobicred, purchases will be facilitated through a QR code system where qualifying items will be marked with a relevant QR code on the retailer’s shelves.

Buyers will then be able to scan the relevant QR code and get directed to the Mobicred app. Once all the necessary steps have been followed, customers will receive credit for the item’s exact purchase price in the form of a voucher, which will be sent to the shopper’s Money Market account.

According to the credit provider, this latest partnership with Shoprite marks the first time that it has facilitated a full integration of its app into a third-party system from end-to-end.

“We’re excited about what this launch means for Shoprite customers and anticipate that the facility will receive an overwhelmingly positive response, both by existing customers and those entering the market for the first time,” Sive said.

“The introduction of this technology into stores is a sign of great things to come and is perfectly aligned with our collective vision of striving towards a more inclusive credit environment in South Africa, Sive added.

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