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A study to identify startups capable of following in the footsteps of the great companies in the history of Italy, those who are not alone they helped grow the countrybut they also had a great impact on the international audience. This is the goal with which Interbrand and International Advertising Association (IAA) Italy gave birth to the project Next Generation Italian Iconsselecting fifteen companies that have recently managed to capture people’s attention, attract capital and produce economic resultschanging the competitive landscape.

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Italy – says Lidi Grimaldi, CEO of Interbrand, a world leader in brand consultancy for over 45 years – is recognized for being the richest country in legacy brands in Europe, but it is not only this, it is also a country where venture capital companies and the creativity of the system allow for new excellence and innovation to emerge and challenge international markets”.

Affirming a brand, especially in a context such as the Italian one, populated by successful realities – adds Marianna Ghirlanda, president for Italy of Iaa, the most important international community of marketing and communication leaders – it requires vision, quality, dedication, commitment and, today more than ever, a meaningful and sincere relationship with the consumer; relationship that also passes from the ability to know how to narrate, recognizing and tuning in with one’s audience, engaging them on common values ​​and, importantly, knowing how to listen”.

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Interbrand and Iaa Italy they looked at a large number of brandsconjugating – reads a note – the proprietary Interbrand approach based on the three lenses of brand analysis, namely economics, human truths and experienceswith a qualitative assessment by Iaa Italy on communication skills”.

For each brand, they have therefore been analysed the ability to create, maintain and consolidate the relationship with the reference audiences through its relevance; the one of create unique high-impact experiences, transcending the reference industries and defining new competitive arenas based on the ability to satisfy consumer needs and not only in terms of the offer of products and services; the one of achieve significant economic results.

Here is the list of selected companies (the order is not a ranking).


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