Tesla beats Apple and launches its AirPower: here is the Wireless Charging Platform | Price

Tired of waiting Apple AirPower, hitherto only seen in the form of a half-functioning prototype? No problem, Tesla comes to our aid with its brand new Wireless Charging PlatformQi wireless charger with FreePower technology “inspired by the angular design and metallic style of the Cybertruck” and which will please those who want to recharge their devices comfortably and (relatively) quickly: up to three simultaneously, each at 15W.

It is made in aluminumthe mat on which to place smartphones and headphones is instead covered in soft alcantara and there is support magnetic removable to place the charger horizontally or at a slight angle. In short, a non-Apple AirPower that Apple failed to make or – better – he created but preferred not to put it on the market as it did not reach the standards desired by the company.

Tesla’s proposal is concrete, we will see what the judgment that users will give to the device will be. Its debut is expected in the United States at February 2023 at the not cheap price of 300 dollars.

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