Tesla Semi: tests begin on the roads of Nevada

Expected perhaps more than the new Roadster, the Tesla Semi, the electric version of a heavy vehicle wanted by Musk, after two years of delay on the roadmap is finally close to deliveryfirst of all the one destined for PepsiCo., scheduled for December 1st.

The Teslarati site released a video last night, shared on the Snapchat platform, that sees two Tesla Semi on the road near Nevada SR-439 and Denmark Dr., just off Electric Ave. where Gigafactory Nevada is located.


Road tests are a must for any car manufacturer before the sale of their cars on the market and for some years both Tesla and other brands have begun to test their vehicles on public roads, both to evaluate the maneuverability of the vehicle in a context real is, probably, to feed the curiosity around it.

In Tesla’s case, the hype around its products never fails, but he is constantly frustrated by constant delays and postponementsalso for reasons external to the company (which has not remained untouched by the shortages in the supply of key materials due to the Covid 19 pandemic).

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This time, however, the delivery date of the Semi seems to be lukewarmly certain, given that the new born in the Tesla house has officially received a Certificate of conformity from the EPA. The document certifies that the Semi has been evaluated and tested by the EPA, found to comply with federal standards on emissions and fuel economy, something to which every commercial vehicle must comply.

The fact that it has only been received now, according to experts, means that deliveries are really close.


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