That’s why the Pixel 7 Pro could break

That's why the Pixel 7 Pro could break

Alessandro Nodari

A few days ago, the endurance test of Pixel 7 Pro from JerryRigEverything did not leave us a particular impression. Yes the premium phone of the year (here you will find our review) it is not broken in two, but he came out rather battered, revealing a serious structural weakness and a worrying one propensity to scratches of the rear camera lock.

Now the always very fierce Zack Nelsondriven by curiosity to locate the Google phone’s sticking point, carried out the teardown of the device. Let’s see what she found out.

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Following standard procedure, the YouTuber has applied heat to the screen to soften the adhesive and be able to open it with a suction cup and cutter. As for Pixel 6 Prothe screen has a protective edge in plastic that must not be separated, otherwise the panel will break. Unlike its predecessor, however, the connector screen is not fixed by screws, so it can be removed more easily, a plus for the repairability.

Subsequently, Zack observe others similarities with the previous top of Google, like thegraphite adhesive for heat dispersion and the central plate shaped like a C running along the battery, in this case, however, with a fundamental difference.

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And this is the point neuralgic. This plate in the Pixel 7 Pro it does not extend beyond the camera lock as in the predecessor, but breaks off, rendering the antenna line just below that block the weakness of the phone, as we saw in the endurance test. The plate itself isn’t much toughbut probably fixed with screws allows the necessary rigidity to the structure, and presents the input indicators of the liquids.

At this point it is YouTuber switch to battery, which is fixed in the same way as the Pixel 6 Pro, with not too much gluewhich should be dissolved with alcohol isopropyl before lifting the battery using the two plastic strips available.

Another point in favor of repairability.

Without the battery, Zack can disassemble the block of the targetsrevealing that that periscopic it is actually equipped with optical image stabilization thanks to small electromagnetic coils.

Also note the metal guide holding the motherboardhuge, and the speakers, generously sized and equipped with rubber rings colored for water resistance in line with the (internal) style of the phone.

Eventually Nelson puts everything back to his own placebut there is no way to know if he managed to reassemble it successfully, as he had broken it at first screen. At least we found out the reason for the structural weakness of the phone, and one wonders Why Google made this choice.

Maybe for reasons of space? Below you can see the full video.

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