The Google app is renewed in full Material You style

The Google app is renewed in full Material You style

Alessandro Nodari

The commitment of continues unabated Google to update yours proprietary apps with stylish design Material Youin order to make the user experience smoother and more consistent (like uninstalling Android apps).

Last on the list is none other than theGoogle appsthe center of theresearch experience on mobile devices, android or Applethe redesign of which already appeared a few months ago, and which is now finally available, at least in the beta of the app. Let’s go see the Announcements.

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Google app: what’s new

Source: 9to5Google

The first novelty that immediately catches the eye is the new one bottom bar with buttons a pill form (image above), but unlike the others proprietary apps of Google here we have a rather variant minimalistalong the lines of what we saw with Gmail.

There button shape now matches the search filters at the top, but have a lingering blue tint, which the new theme doesn’t use with dynamic colorsjust like it happened for the Play Store.

Source: 9to5Google

Switching to the switchers of the account, which allows us to switch between a account to the other by touching the our avatar top right, here we have the new one design Material You now introduced in almost all GrandeG apps, with the addition of dynamic colors.

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In this window we find a clear separation among the voices that relate to interactions with the app, like the account available, the Chronology searches, Delete the last 15 minutesi Results about you hey Memorandum, and app settings like Your data in the searchthe settings, Help and feedback.

Source: 9to5Google

If we touch settings, we can appreciate even more changes, with the new dark theme completely black, which will surely be appreciated by those who own screens AMOLED and new headers, although a little small, while the organization of voices has not changed, with

  • generals
  • Notifications
  • Safe Search
  • Personal achievements
  • Personalization
  • Google Assistant
  • Voice
  • Language and region
  • Privacy and Security (which doesn’t seem to work right now)
  • Information

If you touch an item, for example generals, you will appreciate the new buttons a pill form.

Source: 9to5Google

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