The Google Home app will support “home” routines

Google for several years now it has been a pillar in the field of devices such as smartphone And Tabletboth in hardware terms with its Pixels and in software terms with its apps and services.

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Among the latter category we find Google Home and yours routine. We have seen over the last few years how routines are a fundamental aspect of the interaction between Android users and Google Assistant. Just for the routines is coming an interesting novelty.

We are talking about a new feature of the Google Home app that will allow one greater interaction with the routines in their creation and customization phase. It will indeed be possible change routines previously created even for those who do not have the account that created them.

This will be possible with routines marked as “domestic“. All components of the familyadded and managed through the Family profile of their Google Home account, will be able to access and possibly modify routines.

Such changes will not be possible for routines that fit the profile Personalbecause in this case they will be modifiable only by those who created them.

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The novelty we’ve just seen for routines is still being finalized and has not yet been publicly distributed. The new interaction with “home” routines should arrive in parallel to the new option that allows routines to be activated only in correspondence with commands sent by specific smart devices. We talked about it in this article.

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