The new Gmail reaches all users: here are the news of the new version

Google promised to update the Gmail user interface in February and has now informed that all users can benefit from it. The new design aims to provide a new way to quickly access Meet, Chat and Spaces and includes elements of Material Design 3. Further enhancements to tablets, better emoji support, and new artificial intelligence and accessibility features will follow.

The new interface should already be natively implemented on all Google Workplace accounts, however those who do not want to accept the new style can easily go back by following the very simple instructions provided from Google that we report below:

  • Access the Settingsvia the gear icon in the upper right corner
  • In the Quick Settings section, click Return to the original Gmail view
  • Offer an explanation about the choice if you like and press Reload

Those who have not yet obtained the new version of Gmail may need to enable Chat instead of the classic version of Hangouts, or go to Settings and select Try the new Gmail view.

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The new Gmail UI available to all users

The new design it is also presented for users who have not enabled Google services, such as Meet or Chat, however viewing with the email client only, without the secondary service interfaces or the side menu for selecting them will be selected.

There new UI aims to more efficiently combine all Google communication services within a single workspace. The Mail, Chat, Spaces and Meet buttons are all placed in a sidebar on the left of the screen, while previously they were placed in dedicated sections at the bottom of the email account folders. If on the one hand the user had perhaps a better glance at what was happening on the ancillary services, on the other hand you can now reach any service with a click, without these always occupying space on the screen. It is also sufficient, for example, to hold the cursor on the Chat icon for all active conversations to appear.

The Gmail UI changes (web) they are part of Google’s new overall approach to the Workspace suite (including Docs, Sheets, and so on) which aims to offer a unified design across all services.

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