There seems to be a “bulge” problem in older Samsung batteries

There appears to be a & quot; bulge & quot; problem  in old Samsung batteries

Nicola Ligas

Arun Mainibetter known as Mrwhosethebossone of the most famous youtubers in the world in the tech sphere, has recently published a video that it is already causing a lot of discussion. Is that Samsung won’t like it. What he claims is, in a nutshell, that Samsung still has a problem with batterieswhich could affect all of its smartphones a bit.

“Samsung smartphones are swelling”

But what happened? It happens that Arun, being who he is, owns a huge one smartphone collectionall kept over the years in the same roomin a special shelf made ad-hoc, where the telephones are placed off, dischargesnot linked to any source of Power supply, and left there to rest forever; or at least until they are useful for some video / comparison.

Wanting to make a video dedicated to this enviable collection of his, Arun noticed that the battery of his Galaxy Note 8 It was swollen to the point of splitting the phone in two. And the same happened to the Galaxy S6, S8, S10 / S10E and also al Galaxy Z Fold 2, all kept in the same “library”. Unfortunate cases? Not really, also because the rest of Arun’s huge collection is immaculate, with no such problems.

Mrwhosetheboss he therefore continued to investigate, and became aware of similar reports from other users who, like him, boast extensive and long-standing collections. Marques Brownleefor example, he has had some similar problems over the years, always only with Samsung smartphones, and like him other prominent youtubers.

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At this point it is easy to remember the problems that the Galaxy Note 7 had, which literally exploded. And when you think about it, it is also curious that, up to the present day, while other companies boast chargers of over 100 Watts, Samsung is still stuck at 25 Watts even on its top of the range.

Zack Nelson’s explanation

At this point Arun asked Zack Nelsonknown for the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, where for years he has been disassembling and torturing every smartphone that passes under his hand; and by chance he also noticed an abnormal bulge in the battery of some Samsung of him.

Being who he is, Zack tried to investigate the causes of this anomaly, deducing that the electrolytes inside the battery were decomposing, releasing a gaseous substance. And to make sure there were no real dangers, Zack was brave enough to drill his Samsung batteries, to see what would happen, and … nothing happened. No explosionno smoke, nothing at all, demonstrating at least that the safety mechanisms put in place by the Korean company seem to work quite well.

However, this does not mean that there is no risk. As reiterated by Zack, try Reload a battery in these conditions (perhaps less conspicuous than this) can lead to a abnormal overheatingwith unpredictable consequences.

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Preliminary conclusions

So far, no such striking cases have emerged, certainly not like that of Galaxy Note 7, so there is no reason to panic, especially since just inactivity of the smartphone itself could be part of the cause, and I’m sure not many who boast a cellar full of phones sitting there collecting dust.

However, the more time passes, the more serious such a problem could become. There longevity of smartphones (those of Samsung primarily), has increased over the last few years, thanks to longer software support than in the past, and since these bulges are quite related to the life time of the phone, the longer they will remain in circulation. , and the more it is possible that the anomaly will arise. And the fact that most of the people interviewed agree that Samsung is particularly prone to these “bulges” is perhaps a sign of some problem in the quality check of the Korean company.

Samsung had among other things withdrawn the first 3 Arun smartphones that had shown this problem, but never contacted the youtuber to inform him of the progress regarding the investigations about. Probably now, given the enormous rumble aroused, it will be difficult for the company not to comment on it.

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