Thursday assorted links – Marginal REVOLUTION

1. Why stamp duty is a bad idea.

2. Thread on morale and Russian mobilization.

3. Thread on Russian training.

4. Straussian Magnus.  And on Dlugy.

5. The very good Johns Hopkins Agora Institute is advertising a position in political economy.

6. Caplan responds on feminism.  I am struck by how Bryan’s response appropriates the “relative grievance” approach of the left egalitarians, rather than the “let’s look at the absolute merits of how things are going and then try to improve them” approach more commonly found amongst classical liberals.

7. And two more links I don’t agree with: David Wallace-Wells on learning loss during the pandemic (NYT), and John Mark McDonald on why nuclear weapons are maybe not such a big deal, a tiny scroll down may be needed.

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