TimVision discount until September 2023: how to activate the offer with DAZN and more

With the conclusion of the World Cup – by the way, we already knew how it would go – Serie A resumes, and with the football championship the offers dedicated to sports enthusiasts ready to return to cheer for their favorite team. This is the case with TimVisionthat with the package Football and Sports which includes DAZN and Infinity+ discount the offer by proposing it to 24.99 euros per month instead of 29.99 euros until 23 September 2023. At the end of the promotional period, customers interested in continuing to use the service will pay the full price of 29.99 euros per month.

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TimVision Calcio e Sport can be activated free of charge online, alternatively you pay 19.99 euros or 9.99 euros for customers who already own a TimVision Box. The offer is valid until January 28, 2023.

  • TIM landline customers: the monthly cost is charged to the invoice
  • TIM mobile line customers: the monthly cost is charged to your telephone credit. The activation of TIM Automatic Recharge is foreseen, the offer also includes 1 GB for surfing on 4G (also in the EU)
  • Not TIM customers: offer available under the same conditions, at the same time it is possible (but not mandatory) to activate a Premium Fibra offer or a TIM SIM to be used exclusively for charging the monthly cost of TimVIsion Calcio e Sport

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New TImVision customers with a TIM fixed line can also receive 6 months free of Amazon Prime (also for existing Amazon Prime customers): at the end of the promotional period, the offer will be deactivated automatically.

It is possible to withdraw at any time via the MyTIM app, registered mail or PEC.

We remind you that with DAZN you have the entire Serie A TIM available with 10 matches per round, the UEFA Europa League and the best matches from the UEFA Conference League. Basketball will also arrive from January with Serie A and the EuroLeague. Infinity+ offers UEFA Champions League, movies, TV series and cartoons.

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