Trivandrum Best Performing Region, Check How Your City Performed

If you are looking for a city to enroll your school-going child into then Thiruvananthapuram can be your top choice. For the past few years, the city has been the undefeated champion and has been delivering the best results in CBSE board exams. The CBSE results in 2022 were no exception.

In both class 10 and class 12 results, Trivandrum has the highest pass percentage. Nearly all students who took CBSE board exams from the region have managed to clear it. In CBSE 10th results, as many as 99.68% of students pass their boards while in class 12, the pass percentage was at 98.83%.

CBSE class 12 result 2022: Top scoring city

Trivandrum 98.83
Bengaluru 98.16
Chennai 97.79
Delhi East 96.29
Delhi West 96.29
Ajmer 96.01
Chandigarh 95.98
Panchkula 94.08
Guwahati 92.06
Patna 91.20

CBSE class 12 result 2022: Worst performing in the list

Prayagraj 83.71
Dehradun 85.39
Pune 90.48
Bhubaneswar 90.37
Noida 90.27

However, in the CBSE 12th result, Delhi East and West had a pass percentage of 96.29 percent, while Noida had a pass percentage of 90.27 percent, both of which were somewhat higher than the lowest-performing zones, Dehradun (85.39 percent) and Prayagraj (83.71 percent).

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CBSE class 10 result 2022: Top scoring city

Trivandrum  99.68
Bengaluru 99.22
Chennai 98.97
Ajmer 98.14
Patna 97.65
Pune 97.41
Bhubaneswar 96.46
Panchkula 96.33
Noida 96.08
Chandigarh 95.38

CBSE class 10 result 2022: Worst performing in the list

Guwahati 82.23
Delhi West 85.94
Delhi East 86.96
Bhopal 93.33
Dehradun 93.43

CBSE class 10 & 12 result 2022: Delhi’s No Show

Delhi region which is yet to have its own board and contributes to one of the largest numbers of schools and hence students taking CBSE board exams has not been among the top scorers.

In the CBSE exams, which were announced on Friday, Delhi government’s schools recorded a pass percentage of 96.29 per cent in CBSE Class 12 exams and 81.27 per cent in Class 10 results. Of the total government schools, a total of 160 government-run schools reported Class 12 results with a pass rate of 100 per cent.

However, the Delhi region class 10th performance was fairly low. It was just above the scores of Guwahati, the lowest performing zone with 82.23 percent. The pass rates for Delhi East and West were 86.66 per cent and 85.94 per cent, respectively.

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