Donald Trump blew up and demanded that special counsel Jack Smith face prosecution for the leak of the classified docs audio that could have come from Trump.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

Why did Deranged Jack Smith and the DOJ/FBI leak a tape to Fake News CNN, phony spin and all? Will they be prosecuted for this illegal act? Pure SCUM!

This case is about THE PRESIDENTIAL RECORDS ACT, affirmed by the CLINTON SOCKS CASE! Has nothing to do with the made up tale of the Espionage Act of 1917, which has never even been used!

There is only one problem with Trump’s claim that Jack Smith leaked the tape. The leak didn’t happen until after the tape had been turned over to Trump and his defense team.

The possibility also exists that someone else in the room gave the tape to CNN. If a staffer or the person who was writing the book made the tape available to CNN, there is nothing illegal about it.

Jack Smith and federal prosecutors would have nothing to gain by leaking the tape. The idea that they would is silly and nonsensical.

No one knows who leaked the tape, but Trump is signaling that if he is ever returned to the White House, he will prosecute Jack Smith.


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