Donald Trump spent his time after being indicted watching Fox News and feeling sorry for himself.

Trump posted:

Trump wasn’t off plotting legal strategy or trying to find great criminal defense lawyers. The failed former one term president was spending his night watching Fox News and hoping that people rush to his defense.

Donald Trump is sitting around feeling sorry for himself and trying to spin his potential future felony conviction. If Trump sitting in front of the TV while the world burns around him sounds familiar, it is exactly what he did during the Capitol attack on 1/6.

The failed former president definitely does not seem well. He has offered no defense for his actions, and his efforts so far have been directed at trying to discredit Jack Smith, the DOJ, and the investigation.

Trump is ranting on his social media site, and watching TV. The more things change, the more they stay the same, except this time Trump could be convicted of a felony.

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