Tsmc is ready to open a factory in Germany

There Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC)the largest producer of chip of the world, is working to achieve its first factory in Europe. In particular, the Taiwanese giant is considering doing so in Dresden, Germanywith the intention of capitalizing on the ever-increasing demand of the country’s automotive industry and, in general, of Europe.

For the second time in six monthsthe company will send some senior executives to Germany in early 2023 to discuss subsidy levels with the government which could be guaranteed to potential new plant as well as to realize of what is the capacity of the local supply chain to satisfy their needs.

The logo of Tsmc - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
The race to make chips ever more micro

Taiwan sees the goal of mass-producing 2-nanometer semiconductors. The giant TSMC widens the gap with competitors as the United States tries to block China’s run-up

The turning point

The return to Europe of the top management of Tsmc is not just one confirmation of intentions of the group to invest in the old continent, but it could be right the decisive turning point to start the billionaire investments useful for starting the construction of the new plant as early as 2024.

Already in 2021 customers of the giant had asked the latter to consider the possibility of open a production site in Europe. To block the evaluations of the company in an initial phase, according to reports Nikkeiwas the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The insistence by European car manufacturers, eager to secure a supply of chips produced in the territory of the Unionhowever, convinced Tsmc to retrace his steps.

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The presence of such a plant on its territory would represent a big boost for the European Union economydetermined to significantly reduce his dependence from Asian import of semiconductors, vital components not only for the automotive industry, but also for many other sectors. It is no coincidence that Brussels has chosen to invest 45 billion euros in Chips Actin an attempt to attract chip makers and double its market share semiconductor world.

The logo of Tsmc - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
What’s happening between Taiwan and Italy on microchips

One of the most important global semiconductor companies, TSMC, wants to install a plant in Europe. Due to the deadlock in the negotiations in Germany, Italy gains altitude. But between subsidies and geopolitical calculations, the game is open

The talks

The talks that TSMC is carrying out in this phase are also aimed at understanding whether the various suppliers of materials and equipment are able to perform gthe investments needed to support the factory. The production of chips takes place in fact according to a complex process, which requires more than fifty kinds of different machinery and over two thousand materialsincluding chemicals and industrial gases.

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Another evaluation that the Taiwanese giant is making concerns own workforce. The company will already send several hundred engineers in the new plants it is building in the United States and should need to hire some between 500 and 600 to be allocated to the factory it is building in Japan in synergy with Sony.


Again according to reports Nikkei, at the Dresden planttsmc would focus on the production of 22 and 28 nanometer chips, the same ones that he chose to create right in the land of the rising sun. In detail, the measurement in nanometers refers to the magnitude of each of the transistors on a chip: the smaller these are, more powerful and advanced it is the semiconductor.

Right now, Europe, the Middle East and Africa represent more or less 6% of TSMC’s worldwide sales, less than a tenth by 65% that the group generates in North America.


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