Turn your Apple TV into a charming fireplace with Christmas music for the holidays

Apple TV screensavers are a fan favorite with views from up in space, under the ocean,, and everywhere in between. There’s no built-in screensaver to turn your Apple TV into a fireplace, however, but there are apps for that.

There are actually a lot of apps for that, but which one is the best fireplace app for Apple TV? Search the App Store on the Apple TV, and you’ll find plenty of options with various features like 4K resolution, bundled sounds, and more. My favorite is an oldie but goodie that pre-dates the 4K Apple TV. It’s simple and charming with an icon that doesn’t look bad on your home screen.

Fireplace Channel is 99¢ to download and includes a selection of scenes from flaming logs to shimmering sparks. Technically, there are in-app purchases for additional scenes, but they’ve been priced at $0.00 for a while. The app originates from 2015, so I don’t expect this to change.

Most fireplace app icons are just photos of burning logs that don’t fit the look of other icons
Swipe between fireplace scenes to find your favorite

Fireplace Channel doesn’t bring its own music or log crackling sounds, and that means it doesn’t interrupt audio playing from Apple Music or Spotify on Apple TV.

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This is especially nice because you can bring your own songs like this Alternative Holidays playlist from Apple Music. Or, you know, something more traditional if you like.

Prefer a free option? There are plenty of fireplace apps on the Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K – just search the App Store and see what works for you. There’s also the YouTube method, where you can search for a “Christmas music fireplace” to find plenty of options that allow you to loop fireplace videos with music. Just brace yourself for the ads, and know that you can’t bring your own music from your TV or home theater system.

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