UFO, who knows, speak: in the US a bill to protect whistleblowers

UFOs existjust that who you know he is afraid to say it. This is, in practice, the thought of the Republican Mike Gallagher which succeeded in introducing a amendment (link in SOURCE) to the National Defense Authorization Act 2023 (the US federal laws on the definition of the budget to be dedicated each year to the Department of Defense) which provides for the protection of whistleblowers on the matter Unknown Flying Object and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

In practice, according to Gallagher – particularly sensitive to the issue – there are many people (including soldiers) who have seen or are aware of apparently inexplicable facts. The problem is that until now these potentials whistleblower (term we have come to know for Facebook matters) have never come forward for fear of breaking the laws of secrets. And the amendment goes to protect these whistleblowers.

The amendment would establish a process within the government for UAP reporting and provide whistleblower-like protections,

explained the spokesman for the republican politician. In other words, disclosing sightings would no longer violate federal laws on confidential information. And before being disclosed, the information would still be examined by a team of experts who in this way would be authorized to prevent “unauthorized public reporting“.

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However, an amendment requires a long process before being (possibly) transformed into law. If he should ever be converted, then yes that i witnesses could come forward en masse.

Meanwhile, NASA is also committed to collecting precise information on the subject: in the autumn it will launch a scientific study on the analysis of the data collected so far regarding UFOs and UAPs. One of the starting points will certainly be the report published last year by the Pentagon which focused on 144 cases of sightings.

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