Ukraine and Russia, the missiles they’re deploying

Despite the great expectations that accompanied him in the United States, the president of theUkraine Volodymyr Zelensky will return to Kyiv without most of the armaments that he would like to receive from US Joe Biden. Officially at least, the only major concession granted to Ukraine will be anti-aircraft defense systems Patriotwhich could be instrumental in tackling i cruise and ballistic missiles of Russia.

The situation:

  1. What weapons Zelensky asked
  2. The weapons promised by the United States
  3. What weapons is Russia deploying
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What are the Patriot air defense systems the United States will send to Ukraine

They are considered one of the safest and most advanced systems in the world. But it is not at all convenient to use them to intercept drone attacks

What weapons Zelensky asked

In addition to the Patriots, Zelensky would also like to receive short-range ballistic missiles atacmsable to hit targets 300 kilometers away and to travel at three times the speed of sound, approximately 3,600 kilometers per hour. Furthermore, in order to be able to ensure Ukrainian supremacy over the Black Sea, he also asked for drones to be sent reapers and Gray Eagle. These systems were not shipped for two reasons. The first concerns the potential ability to hit targets within the territory of the Russian Federationthe second is the fear that drone technology could fall into enemy hands.

The weapons promised by the United States

Even without the three armaments already listed, Zelensky received a sizeable aid package from $1.85 billionwhich includes anti-aircraft defense systems Patriot, one of the most advanced in the world, capable of providing Ukraine with a crucial long-range defense capability for its airspace. Indeed, in addition to being able to intercept cruise missiles and aircraft, the Patriot is the only system capable of shooting down ballistic missiles.

However, as the Pentagon, “for air defense there is no silver bullet or a magic wand capable of blocking all attacks by itself. The Patriots will then be deployed alongside other medium- and short-range systems already supplied to Ukraine, to reinforce a necessary one integrated and layered approach to the defence.

In addition, the United States will send ammunition for the highly mobile artillery missile systems, 500 artillery shells precision-guided 155mm, various mortars from 120 to 60mm, 37 Cougar armored vehicles120 high-speed military vehicles, precision aerial munitions, 2,700 grenade launchers and other small arms, land mines Claymoresammunition for demolition operations, anti-radar missiles high-speed, night vision devices and optics, secure tactical communications systems, bulletproof vests45 thousand 152mm artillery shells, 20 thousand 122mm artillery shells, 50 thousand short-range Grad rockets (20 kilometers range) from 122mm and 100 thousand 125mm tank ammunition.

What weapons is Russia deploying

Based on the analysis of Associated Pressas well as Iranian-made drones Shahad-136 – against which the Patriot systems would be waste yourself given the huge cost difference between the two weapons – Russia made it rain on the Ukraine hundreds of its long and very long range missilesincluding systems initially designated for nuclear warfare.


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