Videos Show Parents Running Towards School, Anxiously Waiting Outside

One of the mothers being comforted by other parents outside Texas school.

Videos circulating on social media shows parents desperately running towards Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, where 19 children were killed after a teenager opened fire.

The videos were first posted on Snapchat and then started circulating on other social media platforms.

One of the videos on Facebook shows parents and their relatives comforting each other. A mother is seen crying out loud while sitting on the road outside the school.

Many users were horrified looking at the scenes outside the school.

“This is horrific. I have a 9 almost 10 year old in the 4th grade and I can’t help but feel the need to bust thru those barriers and help them look for their babies .. This video cuts the heart deep .. Praying for all these parents that didn’t get to take their children home tonight . Praying for the injured and for the ones who witnessed all the horror,” said a Facebook user.

Other videos show anxious parents standing outside the school building as the law enforcement agencies tackled the shooter.

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A Class 4 teacher, identified as Eva Mireles, is among those killed in Texas school shooting. A parent who claimed she taught her daughter paid tribute to her on Twitter.

“My daughter’s beautiful teacher was the teacher who was killed in Uvalde, TX,” the woman with Twitter handle ‘Audrey’ said in her tweet.

“Eva (Ms Mireles) taught Gabby in elementary school. She was a beautiful person & dedicated teacher. She believed in Gabby & went above & beyond to teach her as you can see below. There are no words,” she further said.

This was the eighth mass shooting this year, according to a report in news agency AFP, and came 10 days after another 18-year-old murdered 10 African Americans at a supermarket in New York.

The incident is set to intensify the debate around guns, public safety and rights.

“I had hoped, when I became president, I would not have to do this, again,” a distraught President Joe Biden said as he led national mourning, vowing to overcome the US gun lobby and find a way to tighten gun ownership laws.

After every incident, proposals by state and federal lawmakers to tighten laws are rebuffed by conservative colleagues, who count on voter support from a sizeable portion of the public opposed to gun control.

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Last year, a Pew poll said just 53 per cent of Americans want stricter gun laws, and only 49 per cent think tougher laws would decrease mass shootings.

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