Wear OS backups will finally include watch faces too, and more

Google is active on many fronts in tech sector and one of these is the wearable. In this context, we know Wear OS as one of the most popular operating systems.

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We have seen how Wear OS has grown particularly in recent times, also thanks to partnership with Samsung, culminating with the new Galaxy Watch and the new Pixel Watch that promises sparks. Now it comes an interesting novelty regarding Wear OS features.

Backup for Wear OS proves essential when switching devices wearable. We have seen Google greatly improve the Android backup tool, which now allows you to transfer a lot quick and easy also personalization settings from one device to another. The same thing is about to happen to Wear OS.

In fact, in the last few hours 9to5Google did the teardown of the latest version released for the Wear OS app, which revealed that Goolgle is working for increase backup options just for Wear OS.

New backups will be able to save, and subsequently restore to the new device:

  • THE personal data
  • THE app data
  • The watchface
  • THE tile customized by the user.

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This will facilitate definitely the operations of reset and initialization of a new Wear OS based wearable device starting with an old wearable.

The news are not yet available publicly, Google is still developing them, but we can expect a public release in a period relatively short.

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