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Dylan Dog it is heading towards a return to its origins, but for collectors the problem does not arise: the most sought-after and most popular albums on the market always remain the first. How much is it worth today the original number 1 of Dylan Dog, released on September 26, 1986? And what are the others rarity to hunt on eBay and other flea markets?

Not only comics, but imaginary RPGs and videogames forgotten (almost) by everyone, bulky limited edition statues and nostalgic 90s T-shirts are the goodies which could be hidden in domestic bookcases or boxes in the cellar, and which can be worthwhile hundreds of euros (provided they are in good condition!). Not to mention the volumes with special guest starsand some nostalgic t-shirts of the 90’s.

Here to follow, all the most sought after titles from Dylan Dog collectors.


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