With Purchase Requests, you can evaluate your children’s wishes on the Play Store

One of nightmares of parents is to be charged astronomical figures for the thoughtless purchases of their children on the play store (how to install it).

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To address the problem, Google has implemented a number of countermeasures, such as thepurchase approval for those who shared the payment method of the Family group with children under the age of 13, but from today another solution is on the way, the Purchase requests. Let’s find out how they work.



Today, if you are a parent in a family group and share the payment methodyou can ask other group members to get your permission before make purchases or download content from the Play Store.

This option is activated by going to the site Families of Google, by selecting the son’s name and under Google Play controls you select the contents in Approvals of purchases and downloads.

From today, however, the Mountain View house has introduced a new tooleven simpler, le Purchase requests.

This feature allows parents in a family group who have not set up a payment method of the group to receive, as the name suggests, purchase requests from their own children. In fact, these will navigate in the Play Store, select a content to buy and under the item Ask the parent they will touch the button Send in a messagewhich will be followed by the confirmation of sending the message.

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The parent will receive the request and you can evaluate it by reading the information about the app or the in-app purchase. If he decides to complete the purchase, he can use one of the payment methods stored, including Google Play gift cards, which will not be visible to children. Family managers will receive notifications for purchase requests in real time, but they can also view them in one request queue of approval in order to decide more calmly.

Once the payment has been made, the transactions will be visible in the Order historyjust like with anything transaction, personal or family with shared payment.

In his post yesterday, Google says the feature is already activebut refers to support page in English of the “old” purchase approval function, and also those in Italian have not yet been published.

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