Woman Arrested For Hiding Her Dead Mother’s Body in Freezer so She Could Collect Her Disability Checks

A Florida woman was arrested for hiding her dead mom in a freezer so she could collect her disability checks.

Sebastian police discovered the deceased woman in a freezer after they were called out to the elderly woman’s home for a welfare check on April 28.

Michele Hoskins, 64, told police she put her 93-year-old mom’s body in a deep freezer two weeks after she died so she could continue collecting her disability checks.

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According to police, 93-year-old Marie Hoskins died from natural causes.

“Michele Hoskins is charged with failing to report the death of her mother and tampering with evidence.” Fox 13 reported.

Fox 13 reported:

A woman in Florida is accused of concealing her dead mother’s body in a freezer so she could collect her disability checks.

Sebastian police arrested Michele R. Hoskins, 64, after discovering her mother’s dead body in a deep freezer during a welfare check on April 28.

According to the Sebastian Police Department, Michele Hoskins admitted to investigators that after finding her mother dead in a bedroom, she purchased a deep freezer and placed her mother’s body inside because she was concerned she would not receive the woman’s disability benefits.

Police say they found a heavily soiled mattress hidden in thick brush and covered by palm tree branches in Hoskins’ backyard while executing a search warrant.

According to investigators, Hoskins’ 93-year-old mother, Marie Hoskins, died from natural causes and was dead for about two weeks before being placed inside the freezer.

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