Xbox Series X / S: Start up 5 seconds faster with the next update

In the latest test builds included in the Xbox Insider Program, the startup time of the new Microsoft consoles has been reduced by 5 secondsgoing from about 20 seconds to about 15. the result of the optimization work of Microsoft’s technicians and it is worth emphasizing how effective it will be on Xbox Series X than on the younger sister Series S. Me too’animation will change, and will be shorter to meet the lower boot times (going from 9 to about 4 seconds).

In all likelihood the instant start of the new Xboxes will be available to everyone with the next system update. Meanwhile, he shows it in preview Eden Mariethe Xbox Engineering lead, on Twitter.

Xbox Series X / S owners will only benefit from faster startup times if their consoles are set to mode. Energy saving instead of in mode Standby. In Energy Saver, the console switches off completely, zeroing out the electricity consumption when not switched on. In this way you always have to wait a moment before the console is ready and it is possible to play, but it consumes less and respects the environment more.

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Power Saving mode becomes even more interesting after Microsoft made it thedefault option for new Xbox consoles earlier this year (more details here), when it introduced support for the downloading updates in the background.

Note that Xbox Series X and Series S come with SSD which, in any case, speed up all loading compared to the previous generation consoles, and this concerns both the start of games and the consoles themselves.

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