The Metaverse is awful today… but we can make it great: Yat Siu, Big Ideas

Magazine: Animoca was a successful mobile gaming company, with 10 million downloads and various apps in the top 10 on Apples App Store. Then you were suddenly thrown off the store in 2012. How did that change your views on Big Tech?

Yat Siu, Animoca co-founder: The fact that platforms could become as powerful as they became the App Store, Google (NASDAQ:) Play, Facebook (NASDAQ:), you name it caught many of us by surprise. Open source had become the predominant form in which code was written, and it was kind of a wake-up call when Apple (NASDAQ:) basically just decided to push the button and get rid of us.

Pretty Pet Store was one of the games deplatformed. Source: Animoca
The Sandbox is a new form of social media. Source: Animoca
Convincing users to dump their existing platforms for Metaverse platforms is a tall order.
Second Life has been operating for 20 years. Source: Linden Lab
One day, well wake up in the Metaverse.

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