D23 delivered many exciting new announcements, including some updates for Marvel Phase 5’s Captain America: New World Order. After the acclaim and popularity won by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, fans are eager to see the story continued in the film, but are especially anticipating a return of the dynamic duo: Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson.

Bucky and Sam won over fans with their constant banter and frenemies-to-best-friends arc, something that will hopefully be seen again in season 2 of their series, if not in the fourth Captain America film. Until then, there exist countless memes that remind fans of their complex and endearing friendship.


10 Lasting First Impressions

Given their charming domestic life and bonding moments in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, at times it can be all too easy to forget just where Sam and Bucky started. Luckily, this meme shared by Redditor Nightshire reminds fans that the two started out on unfortunate and hostile terms in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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While Bucky was still the brainwashed Winter Soldier, Sam was a trusting new friend to Steve and although this initial animosity has subsided, it lingered for a long time in their interactions, especially in Civil War.

9 He’s From A Different Era

While there are many great quotes that perfectly sum up Bucky Barnes as a character, him announcing he read The Hobbit when it was originally published is one that not only defines Bucky, but also how he contrasts Sam.

This meme shared by Redditor RebelliousFriend not only highlights how nerdy Bucky is but also how old-school and ancient he is in comparison to Sam’s young, suave and modern personality. Not to mention how it perfectly encapsulates Bucky’s air of wisdom and condescension via Aslan.

8 Slight Jealousy

Although Bucky undoubtedly grows to be one of Sam Wilson’s 10 best friends in the MCU, initially the two are drawn together only by their loyalty to Steve.

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Given that he knew Steve longer and thus had more history with him, it’s natural that a part of Bucky would have expected or at least half-wanted to be passed on the shield, emotions hilariously conveyed in this meme shared by Redditor Scoopski-Potatoes. Ultimately though, even Bucky defended that Sam was the best choice.

7 Now That Cap’s Gone…

While Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes have the best friendship in the MCU, they had to say goodbye at the end of the Infinity Saga, after Steve went and lived his life with Peggy in Endgame.

Hence, Bucky had a vacant spot for a new best friend to fill, and there was no one more qualified than his long-term friend who he kinda hated, Sam Wilson, as shown in this meme posted by Redditor jodibwithoutane. Although the two are tied by many other factors, mutual grieving over Steve brings them closer than ever.

6 Revenge

A large part of what make Steve and Bucky’s friendship so adored by the MCU fandom is the fact that the two constantly bicker and torment one another, while also having each other’s backs.

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While this love-hate friendship is portrayed somewhat in Civil War, it reaches its peak performance in The Falcon and the Winter Solider, especially in the scene where Bucky gets revenge for Sam’s comedic insolence from years ago as shown by this Reddit user. Plus, this meme highlights how much history these two also have now.

5 Pettiness

Sam and Bucky may have one of the best friendships in the MCU, but that doesn’t mean they don’t also have the pettiest relationship in the MCU as well.

As emphasized in this meme shared by @buckyxsebstan, the two can be expected to act in very childish ways when around each other, constantly getting on one another’s nerves through the minor inconveniences they cause. Of course, this petty factor only adds to their powerful and entertaining duo.

4 It’s Complicated

Sam and Bucky’s relationship has always been ill-defined and complicated, before resolving itself into something more concrete and reliable by the end of their series’ first season.

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As shown in this crossover meme posted by @multiverse._.of_.memeness, the two were often on different pages, with Bucky considering Sam to be his friend and Sam insisting they are not. While it’s deep down Sam has considered Bucky as his friend, his refusal to define the relationship has been a hilarious key point for them.

3 Growth

While Sam has struggled to admit his intimate friendship with Bucky, Bucky’s refusal to give up on Sam and his constant reminder that Steve entrusted him with the shield for a reason eventually bring Sam around, as shown in this post by @avengersxaesthetics.

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Sam goes from insisting the two are not partners to both Sam and Bucky finally openly calling themselves each other’s partner, emphasizing the growth of their relationship throughout the years and even in the series alone.

2 Minding Their Own Business

Even though Sam and Bucky face their own battles and take on many important political issues in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, their storyline seems a lot different than some other Phase 4 installments, as depicted in this Friends x MCU crossover meme posted by @avengersxaesthetics.

Having gone through the loss they both have, the two are content with each other’s company in a quieter, more peaceful domestic life as friends, some healing and bonding the two desperately need together.

1 Lowkey BFFs

Despite all their bantering and snide remarks towards one another, at the end of the day Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes are undoubtedly friendship goals, as shown by @buckyxsebstan.

The two keep each other grounded, inspired, remind one another of upholding Steve’s legacy and push each other to be the best versions of themselves. Plus, they give each other a reason worth staying and fighting for, no matter how much they lose or endure, as true friends do.

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