Some incredible Rey and Kylo Ren cosplay pictures celebrate Star WarsForce Dyad and give “Reylo” shippers a happier ending than Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker did. Whether Rey and Kylo Ren should have had romantic feelings for each other is one of the most divisive Star Wars sequel topics. The lack of an overarching plan for the sequel trilogy made any long-term story centered on Rey and Kylo’s dynamic a lot trickier, as it was not clear whether Kylo Ren was supposed to be the main villain. Still, The Rise of Skywalker confirmed the Reylo theories with a kiss between Rey and Ben.

The Rise of Skywalker also revealed that Rey and Kylo Ren were a Force Dyad. Star Wars’ Force Dyad concept added to the saga’s theme of balance, as it established that two Force-sensitive people who share a strong connection can make each other more powerful. Rey and Kylo’s relationship in the Star Wars sequels, romantic or not, could have been better handled. However, the imagery of a Sith-like warrior and the last Jedi standing side by side makes for some amazing Star Wars fanarts and cosplays. Here are 10 Rey and Kylo Ren cosplays inspired by the Reylo ship.



10 The Rhythm Is Strong With This Fun Reylo Cosplay

Rey is ready for a dance, but Kylo Ren does not seem too interested in it. This fun Rey and Kylo Ren moment was shared by find the afterlife 💫 (@spacesoulmates) and cleverly summarizes the relationship between the two characters. Both Rey and Kylo Ren are wearing their The Rise of Skywalker costumes in this cosplay, which is a bittersweet reminder of how their story ended. While Ben Solo died so that Rey could live, this Reylo cosplay is just a much happier ending for those who were rooting for the Force Dyad to remain together.

9 Rey & Kylo Ren’s Force Bond Comes To Life In Clever Cosplay

Star Wars: The Last Jedi established that Rey and Kylo Ren had some sort of Force connection. In addition, The Last Jedi introduced a new Force power in Star Wars – the ability to see and speak to someone over long distances through the Force. Rey and Kylo’s Force bond scenes in The Last Jedi are often described as “Force calls,” which this Reylo cosplay shared by Kat Fox #BLACKLIVESMATTER 👿🗡 (@OKatrinaFox) hilariously recreates. Rey, who appears to be a better mechanic than Kylo, could be trying to walk him through fixing the Millenium Falcon.

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8 Rey Becomes Cinderella In Clever Reylo Cosplay

Kylo Ren and Rey become Prince Charming and Cinderella, respectively, in this creative Star Wars cosplay shared by Kylo Wanderer🎃 (@KyloWanderer). Kylo Ren has his The Last Jedi costume, which saw the character lose his helmet and his hood. Rey, on the other hand, has an original, stunning costume that combines Cinderella’s dress with Rey’s The Force Awakens look. Curiously, Ben Solo is technically a Disney prince. Leia Organa is royalty, after all. Rey and Ben Solo’s story was far from a fairy tale, but this Reylo cosplay imagines a much happier journey for them.

7 Rey & Kylo Ren Ignite Their Lightsabers In Colorful Star Wars Cosplay

Blue and red lightsabers fighting side by side is always a visually stunning moment. This stunning Star Wars cosplay that was shared by Nita (@Nita_cosplay) highlights the aesthetics of “the dark side the Force meets the Light” element of Rey and Kylo’s story. Blue and red lights combine behind Rey and Kylo in four amazing pictures that capture the essence of those characters. Regardless of whether or not Rey and Kylo Ren work as a romantic couple, Star Wars stories about Jedi standing side by side with Sith or other dark-side warriors are always interesting.

6 Kylo Ren Asks Rey To Join Him In Cinematic Star Wars Cosplay

These amazing Kylo Ren and Rey cosplay pictures that were shared by Bella Prichard (@bellaprichard_) feel like they are stills from a Star Wars movie. Rey and Kylo’s dynamic is highlighted in this Reylo cosplay, with the duo alternating from enemies to partners to enemies to partners again. Rey and Kylo’s history together was quite complicated, especially because the Star Wars sequels were not fully mapped out in advance. As such, while The Last Jedi teased a potential relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren, it also suggested that they could be enemies again in The Rise of Skywalker.

5 Rey & Kylo Ren Are Ready For Star Wars’ Life Day In Wholesome Cosplay

What if Ben Solo did not die in The Rise of Skywalker? This wholesome Star Wars cosplay that was shared by Daisy Cosplay (@DaisyCosplay) imagines a world where Rey and Ben got to have their happy-ever-after ending. The cosplay recreates a fanart that is credited in the original tweet, and it sees Rey and Kylo Ren in Christmas Star Wars sweaters. Star Wars does have a history with holiday specials, so this Reylo cosplay can be interpreted as Rey and Ben Solo spending Life Day together.

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4 Incredible Rey & Kylo Ren Cosplays Reenact The Rise Of Skywalker

This stunning Reylo cosplay shared by zeropuntosedici (@zeropuntosedici) features Bella Prichard (@bellaprichard_) and João Carvalho (@jayc_cos). The two pictures see Rey and Kylo Ren sharing a moving moment that evokes their first – and only – kiss in The Rise of Skywalker. While Star Wars tried to retcon Rey and Ben’s The Rise of Skywalker kiss as non-romantic, the Shakespearean tragedy of their story works better if they did have feelings for each other. Retcons aside, this Reylo cosplay almost feels like a moment that could have been in the film.

3 The Force Dyad Is Ready For Action In This Rey & Kylo Cosplay

Rey and Kylo Ren are ready for battle in this detailed Star Wars cosplay featuring Malon Merlot (@malonmerlot) and Lea (@liberiarium). Kylo Ren has his The Force Awakens look, including the scar he got after fighting Rey at Starkiller Base. Rey, however, has her The Last Jedi look. In all of the Star Wars sequels, Rey and Kylo Ren only fought together twice. One was in The Last Jedi against Snoke’s Praetorian guards, and the other was in The Rise of Skywalker‘s ending battle against Palpatine.

2 Amazing Star Wars Cosplay Celebrates Rey & Kylo Ren’s First Meeting

Rey and Kylo Ren first met in the forest of Takodana in The Force Awakens. This Reylo cosplay was shared by Amy-Kate (@heartofjakku) and recalls how it all begins, featuring both Rey and Kylo Ren in front of trees. Despite the similarities with where Kylo Ren and Rey first met, this Reylo cosplay sees the characters in their The Rise of Skywalker looks. Kylo Ren has his cracked helmet and cape, whereas Rey has her white hood and blue lightsaber.

1 Rey & Kylo Ren Look At Each Other’s Eyes (Sort Of) In Stunning Cosplay

Part of Rey and Kylo Ren’s story in the Star Wars sequels saw the former trying to reach out to the latter only for Kylo to keep choosing the dark side of the Force. This cosplay shared by Kmille (@kmillefromalderaan) and Maul (@darthmaul_cosplay) captures the tragedy of Star Wars Force Dyad, with Rey having to look at Kylo’s mask rather than his true face. Likewise, Kylo can only look at Rey through his mask. Interpretations aside, these incredible Rey and Kylo Ren cosplayers made for some great Reylo pictures.

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