Some of the worst characters that Marvel has put out made their big debuts in the 2000s. At the turn of the century, the company was still going strong with creating new stories and new characters, as well as developing their already established characters. However, many of the new characters that came out in this decade were severely lacking in multiple categories.

Whether it be through their unlikable personalities or complete and utter ineffectiveness on missions, some of these new characters just came off on the wrong foot. Even though some continued to make further appearances in later comics, it didn’t really help them become great characters that could take on even the strongest villains in Marvel Comics.

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Thor Girl

Marvel's Thor Girl posing with her hammer.

The being known as Tarene isn’t an Asgardian – rather, she is an alien from an unknown planet destined to become an all-powerful being to guide sentient beings to the next stage of evolution. But after her planet is destroyed by Thanos, she essentially becomes Thor’s sidekick, taking the name Thor Girl and using a hammer much like Thor’s own hammer.

While she proved to have massive power, even potentially rivaling that of Odin himself, the character essentially came off as a lesser version of Thor that quickly lost the interest of many. Her personality also came off as a little high-strung, as she declared humanity not worthy of ascending after being attacked by heroes due to a misunderstanding. Though she has the power to rival the most powerful Asgardians in the galaxy, she never achieved full acceptance and was essentially replaced by Jane Foster as a female version of Thor.


Marvel Ragnarok, the evil clone of Thor, with his hammer raised.

The Superhero Civil War forced many characters to make questionable decisions, particularly those on Iron Man’s side. Iron Man, in particular, went completely crazy and created Ragnarok, a robot clone of Thor, to tip the scales in his favor. Ragnarok proved to do just that, nearly being able to take down Captain America’s entire team in one decisive battle.

Unfortunately, Ragnarok proved to be severely disliked. He was nothing more than a replacement for Thor, and a poor one at that. While he could easily take down armies of heroes, even killing fan favorite character Goliath, when matched up against Hercules, who was defeated by many other powerful Marvel characters like Ragnarok, he was completely torn apart. The fact that he murdered Goliath, as well, also severely hurt his reputation and his status as a quality character.

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Kid Omega

Kid Omega sits on a chair with a drink in a Marvel comic.

Most of the X-Men are generally nice people that are friendly and helpful. But Quintin Quire aka Kid Omega is none of these things. Because he is an Omega Level Mutant with massive psychic power, he thinks of himself as superior to everyone else in almost every way possible.

This arrogant personality has caused him to be extremely disliked by nearly everyone. A strong yet dislikable personality is enough to make any character hated, but Kid Omega takes these dislikable traits to the extreme. Even when he actually helps to save the world, he mostly does so begrudgingly. Although he’s one of the most powerful members of the X-Men, that doesn’t save him from being almost universally hated because of his awful personality.


Marvel's Gravity with his powers activated.

Gravity was one of the many young heroes that joined the 50-State Initative following the conclusion of the Civil War. His powers of manipulating the gravity around his body proved very useful in combat, and he was even strong enough to slow down the destruction of an entire planet.

While all of this shows just how strong he really is, his problem comes from the fact that he simply seems like another young hero clone with all the tropes attached. Like many young heroes, he was unsure of his powers, at first, before learning how to use them with confidence and becoming extremely powerful with them. While this power stacks up with some of the best cosmic characters in Marvel, Gravity’s story is one that is overplayed far too much in comics.

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Butterball from Marvel Comics

At first, Butterball seems like he could be a powerful superhero. After all, he is absolutely invulnerable. He has taken numerous forms of punishment without any sort of injury and is apparently immune to all forms of physical harm. Unfortunately for him, his biggest weakness is the reason why his character is so bad.

That weakness is, of course, the fact that he’s weak. Due to the nature of his powers, he can’t gain or lose muscle and body fat. This means that he can’t get any stronger than when he first got his powers, which is to say not strong at all. It’s a weird weakness for the hero, but it has prevented him into become one of the greatest heroes on Earth. Sadly, Butterball’s usefulness is limited to only rescue and defense missions rather than massive battles with supervillains.


Marvel's Komodo attacking someone.

Another young hero to join the Imitative, Komodo got her powers from an unfinished form of Dr. Curt Connors’ Lizard formula, which turned her into a lizard-like being but also allowed her to walk again. Unfortunately, her desire to not let anyone see her in her human form caused her to lash out against anyone who does, such as her teammate, Hardball.

While this can be understandable, it’s hard to see Komodo as anything more than a cheap knock-off of Lizard, already one of Spider-Man’s most powerful animal-themed villains. While she can easily hold her own in a fight, her similarities to Lizard are obviously there thanks to her origin, and she has become nothing more than yet another random hero lost in the crowd of heroes created in the wake of the Superhero Civil War.

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El Guapo

El Guapo riding on his skateboard in Marvel.

Robbie Rodriguez was once a stuntman on the set of a movie based on the exploits of the super team X-Statix. But after he helped the team on set defeat an attacking villain, he was recruited to the team and assisted them on their later missions for some time afterward, taking the name El Guapo.

Unfortunately, he is such a weak character that even the weakest villains in Marvel Comics could beat him. His only superpower is his control over a sentient skateboard, with which he shared a symbiotic bond. This also meant that his health would severely weaken if he was separated from the board for long periods of time. He may talk a big game and be supremely confident, but, in the end, he’s nothing more than just a guy with a sentient skateboard.

Stacy X

Stacy X from the X-Men

Stacy X is another in a long line of minor mutant characters that appeared in the early 2000s. Although her martial arts skills are impressive, said to potentially even rival Wolverine himself, there’s no getting around the fact that her powers are essentially useless in a combat situation.

Stacy X’s powers of pheromone control through touch not only prevent the X-Man from appearing in the MCU but also make her almost useless as a character. She mainly uses these powers for sexual activity, as they can influence people’s feelings. But the limitations these powers have obviously hold her back. Even when her powers were enhanced so that she no longer has to touch someone to make them work, there is not much she can do to help her friends defeat villains.

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Wolf Cub

Wolf Cub from the X-Men

Wolf Cub was a young mutant who was recruited by the X-Men and served as a member of various training squads on the team. While his permanent werewolf-like form enhanced all his senses and strength, as well as increased his durability, the side effects from this mutation tend to make him seem like a worse character than most of the other mutants.

Even though his mutation isn’t the worst mutation in the X-Men, it still causes him to go into a feral rage at times, making it a struggle for him to maintain control over himself. Besides that, he’s nothing more than a big werewolf hero. He has a lot of strength behind him, but given how many other werewolf-like heroes Marvel already has, he doesn’t have anything that makes him stand out from the rest.


Tag from the X-Men

Some mutants have poor luck when it comes to powers, getting abilities that seem like they can be useful, but are just novelty powers that are used just for kicks. Tag’s abilities fall under this category, with his powers being to “tag” others and force them to either run away or make others run to them.

While he’s not the worst member of the X-Men, his powers still have little practical use. Yes, they can be used to make other people pile onto a target, thereby subduing them, but that would require innocent civilians to be used more or less, thereby endangering their lives. Using the power in reverse only works in a 100-foot radius. Tag’s less-than-stellar powers ultimately cause him to be a lesser character, and he, like many other bad characters from Marvel, is known only by a few well-dedicated fans.

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