Netflix’s Sex Education was a massive hit when it premiered in 2019, but as the streaming service is slowly inching closer to the debut of season 4, it’s time to say goodbye to Otis Millburn, Eric Effiong, Maeve Wiley, and the other (former) Moordale students. The British television series starring Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Ncuti Gatwa, and Emma Mackey explores the lives of teenagers in secondary school and the stigma around sex education. The show has done wonders regarding representation and addressing difficult topics, so it’s not surprising that it has lasted for four seasons.

However, Sex Education has run its course. Only a limited amount of stories can be told in the world of Moordale (and now, Cavendish Sixth Form College), and no one wants to see a show try to go on after its expiration date. Plus, numerous other factors prove Netflix should cancel Sex Education following the premiere of season 4, which is set for late 2023.



8 Sex Education’s Story Is Reaching A Natural Conclusion

Sex Education season 4 characters

During the Sex Education season 3 finale, Moordale was shut down after investors pulled their funding from the school. As a result, the students were forced to look elsewhere to further their education. Based on the season 4 synopsis, Otis and Eric will attend Cavendish Sixth Form College, but it’s unclear if any of their former classmates will join them at their new school. Meanwhile, Maeve will be in the United States for her education program. Everyone is starting to go their separate ways, meaning the Netflix series is nearing its end.

Given that the characters are moving on from one another, it would only make sense if the actors graduated from Sex Education, too. There is only so far that the story can go before the show turns into something that is a far cry from the magic of season 1. Sex Education has the opportunity to come full circle and reach a natural conclusion in the fourth season, and Netflix should take it.

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7 Sex Education Has Lost Too Many Stars

Netflix; Patricia Allison; Tanya Reynolds

A handful of cast members won’t appear in Sex Education season 4 — Patricia Allison (Ola Nyman), Tanya Reynolds (Lily Iglehart), Simone Ashley (Olivia Hanan), and Rakhee Thakra (Emily Sands). Additionally, Emma Mackey (Maeve) and Ncuti Gatwa (Eric) confirmed that they would not return if Netflix chooses to renew the show for a fifth season. It was already difficult to accept that Ola and Lily wouldn’t return for season 4, but the fact that Maeve and Eric will take their final bows at the end of the upcoming season is too much to bear.

If there ever comes a point in a television show where fans can look around and not see most of the original cast, it’s time to put it out of its misery. While the story is vital to the success of a series, characters are arguably the most significant factor. Characters are what make television shows great, and the fact that many of Sex Education‘s most iconic players have left or are on their way out the door means that it must end.

6 Sex Education Without Maeve Or Eric Doesn’t Work

Split image showing Maeve and Eric in Sex Education

As mentioned above, losing Maeve and Eric would be a catastrophic blow to Sex Education. While Otis is technically the main character of the Netflix series, Maeve and Eric stole the show and are fan favorites. They are undoubtedly the most fascinating characters, and Sex Education wouldn’t be the same without them. The streaming service could try to continue the series without them, but it would be a massive misstep and likely result in disaster.

5 Bringing In A New Cast Would Taint The Series

Ncuti Gatwa , Asa Butterfield, and Emma Mackey in Sex Education

Given that Sex Education is one of Netflix’s most popular shows, it wouldn’t be surprising if the streaming service’s executives tried to squeeze every last drop out of it that they could. Since the series has or is about to lose numerous cast members, the next option would be to introduce a new cast but follow the same premise (à la Scrubs season 9). New cast members can sometimes breathe new life into a television show, but with a premise and fantastic ensemble cast like Sex Education‘s, it probably wouldn’t end too well. Related: Sex Education’s Unused Season 2 Ending Can Be Used To Deliver A Perfect Series Finale

4 Sex Education Wouldn’t Make Sense Outside A School Setting

Otis, Eric and Maeve talking

The basis of Sex Education is teaching teenagers (everything) about sexual health and not just what is on the curriculum of their school-mandated class. It is the name of the show, after all. So, it would be strange if the Netflix series continued outside a school setting after the characters have graduated and learned everything they need to know about sex. Once Otis, Eric, and Maeve have gotten too old to educate their peers in a rundown bathroom, it’s time for Sex Education to call it quits.

3 Sex Education Must End On Its Own Terms

Sex Education Perfect Series Finale Otis And Maeve

Since Sex Education is such a popular show with beloved characters, it’s essential that it ends on its own terms. That means everyone’s story gets wrapped up in a nice little bow, and the audience isn’t left with questions following the final episode. There shouldn’t be any cliffhangers like the one at the end of season 2 — fans must know if Otis and Maeve end up together. Since Sex Education is nearing a natural conclusion, it would have made sense for the writers to craft season 4 with the knowledge that it could be its last.

2 The Actors Are Getting Too Old To Play Teenagers

Sex Education Season 4 Additions Continue The Show’s Best Trend

Unfortunately, most of the actors playing teenagers in Sex Education are nearing or are already in their 30s. There is only so long that they can get away with portraying teens, and unless Netflix is planning a time jump, their ages won’t be believable following season 4. But as aforementioned, the show wouldn’t work outside a school setting, so a time jump is out of the question. Sex Education must end before the actors get too old to play characters who are much younger than themselves. Related: Please Netflix, Just Confirm Sex Education Season 4 Is The Last One

1 Sex Education Has Failed To Recreate The Magic Of Season 1

Otis and Maeve looking at each other in Sex Education.

While seasons 2 and 3 were entertaining and meaningful in their own rights, they don’t hold a candle to Sex Education season 1. There’s a reason why the series became so popular in the first place, and Netflix has the first season to thank for that. It was a revelation by being heartfelt, hilarious, educational, and daring all at the same time. Unfortunately, following the initial set of episodes, the show has failed to recreate the magic, and while it didn’t get worse, it definitely didn’t get better. Perhaps it’s time that Netflix stops while it’s ahead and cancels Sex Education after season 4.


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