Alfred Hitchcock movie posters get funny re-designs after Bill Hader and Conan O’Brien riffed on silly Hitchcock movie titles. Renowned as cinema’s master of suspense, Hitchcock unleashed a run of acclaimed films from the 1920s all the way across multiple Hollywood eras until the 1970s. Along the way, the notoriously self-promoting filmmaker unleashed a handful of genuine classics, including such enduring masterpieces as Vertigo, Psycho, Rear Window and The Birds.


Hitchcock’s filmography may indeed be stuffed with classics, but funny men Hader and O’Brien didn’t think the director’s movies had silly enough titles, so they recently renamed several of the master’s best works while riffing on the podcast Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, and thanks to artist Ted Haines, Hader and O’Brien’s renamed Hitchcock movies now have appropriate posters (via Team Coco).

In the new artworks, Vertigo is renamed Dizzy Movie, The Birds is called Birdie Movie, Psycho is Pshower Movie and Rear Window is Peek A Boo Movie.

Bill Hader Should Make His Own Hitchcock Film

Bill Hader in Barry Season 2

Hader’s comedic skills became well-known thanks to his work on SNL, but he evolved into something more than just a funny-man thanks to his work both in front of and behind the camera on HBO’s Barry, which recently wrapped up its run with season 4. Now that he’s proven his directorial talents with Barry, Hader recently said that he wants to make a movie, telling THR that he even has a project in mind:

I would do a feature, for sure. [Barry co-writer] Duffy Boudreau and I have written something but there’s also things that I’ve done, there’s two other ideas that I’m knocking around. I’m just looking forward to taking a little vacation and then kind of being in sponge mode — read, watch some stuff. I haven’t had the space in my head to do it. We did seasons three and four back-to-back so it’s pretty wild.

With its comedic tone and dark subject-matter, Hader’s Barry isn’t all that far-removed from the world of Hitchcock, who himself enjoyed mixing macabre humor into his pulse-pounding tales of suspense. Whatever movie project Hader has in mind for himself could of course be nothing at all like Barry, or for that matter Hitchcock, but given what he accomplished on his HBO show, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Hader again skew toward black comedy on film, and perhaps toward something that could even be described as Hitchcockian.

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If Hader does ultimately make a Hitchcock-style suspense exercise with darkly comedic elements, it’s unlikely he will give it a funny name dreamed up during a brainstorming session with O’Brien. But the Hitchcock route might not be a bad road to follow for Hader if he seeks to parlay his Barry success into a new career as a movie director.

Source: Ted Haines/Instagram (Via Team Coco/Instagram)


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