The Necromancer class in Diablo IV claims full mastery of the undead once players reach higher endgame levels with their character, using a build that best takes their skills, gear, and Paragon Board paths to their highest potential. Around levels 70 and beyond, players will have earned enough points to complete their Skill Trees, crafting the perfect build for this class. With harder World Tiers and high-level dungeons to consider, making a final version of the Necromancer can take time to put together.


The endgame for the Necromancer begins once players unlock the class’ Paragon Board in Diablo 4, which happens at level 50. Every character has nine Paragon Boards to explore after this level, with Nodes and Glyphs that provide extra passive buffs. Players will unlock Paragon points to spend every 25% of a level after 50, creating their own paths on a board that best reflects the skills in their endgame build.

Best Strategies For a Necromancer Endgame Build

A Necromancer character with minions in the background in Diablo 4

The biggest choice players will have to make when creating their endgame Necromancer is whether to use Skeletal Minions from the Book of the Dead or not. Although this class has multiple builds viable for the endgame, those looking to be a “true” Necromancer might have difficulty making the right build around summons. The best options for the player use the strengths of multiple early game builds to make a far more adaptable character in Diablo 4.

Like the best PvP Necromancer build in Diablo 4, players will want to invest Skill Points into Bone abilities since these deal some of the highest damage without relying on Minions. Players should also consider adding traits that deal Shadow damage since the upgrades found at later levels help cause powerful debuffs to enemies. While a Blood build could certainly work for the endgame, that path almost demands sacrificing Minions, which is far more challenging to create.

Best Skills For an Endgame Necromancer Build

Diablo 4 Necromancer Summoning Skeletal Skirmishers and Mages

Skill Type

Skills & Point Investment


Book of the Dead

Raise Skeleton

  • Skeletal Reapers Upgrade – Reapers have a 15% increased chance of carving the flesh off of enemies, creating Corpses.
  • Cold Mages Upgrade – Each time your Cold Mages damage enemies with their primary attack, you gain two Essence.

Raise Golem

  • Iron Golem Upgrade – Your Iron Golem’s Slam attack also makes enemies Vulnerable for 5 seconds.

Basic Skills

(1/5) Bone Splinters

  • Enhanced Bone Splinters
  • Acolyte’s Bone Splinters

Core Skills

(1/5) Blight

  • Enhanced Blight
  • Paranormal Blight

(3/3) Hewed Flesh


Corpse & Macabre Skills (1)

(1/5) Blood Mist

  • Enhanced Blood Mist
  • Dreadful Blood Mist

(3/3) Skeletal Warrior Mastery


(5/5) Corpse Explosion

  • Enhanced Corpse Explosion
  • Blighted Corpse Explosion

(1/3) Grim Harvest

Curse Skills

(1/5) Decrepify

  • Enhanced Decrepify
  • Abhorrent Decrepify

(3/3) Amplify Damage


(3/3) Death’s Reach


(3/3) Skeletal Mage Mastery


Corpse & Macabre Skills (2)

(3/3) Necrotic Carapace


(2/3) Reaper’s Pursuit

  • (1/3) Crippling Darkness
  • (3/3) Gloom
  • (3/3) Terror

Ultimate Skills

(3/3) Golem Mastery


(3/3) Inspiring Leader

(1/3) Bonded in Essence

Key Passives



Put together by content creator P4wnyhof; this build focuses on Darkness Skills with the upgrades to Reaper’s Pursuit, all of which serve to buff the Necromancer in Diablo 4 and their Minions while enemies are debuffed. Other abilities like Decrepify enhance this strategy, causing enemies to be slowed or even stunned under the right conditions. Much of this build wants to create the perfect conditions for Minions and the player’s Golem to destroy enemy hordes without issue.

All the Mastery skills for Minions are essential investments here, along with Blight and the Blighted Corpse Explosion upgrade. Both of these Skills create a hazardous environment for enemies to get past, giving Minions a perfect chance to defeat even the highest-level foes quickly. The smaller, passive skills here also buff the Necromancer’s damage, getting it up to the level needed to face enemies during the endgame of Diablo 4.

Best Gear For an Endgame Necromancer Build

Diablo 4 Necromancer Class Armor and Scythe Weapon on Two Versions of Character


Item Type


Viscous Primal Bascinet


Viscous Aspect

Blood Getter’s Boneweave Armor

Chest Armor

Blood Getter’s Aspect

Howl From Below


Unique Item Effect -Instead of detonating immediately, Corpse Explosion summons a Volatile Skeleton that charges at a random enemy and explodes. Corpse Explosion’s damage is increased by [30-40]%.

Archon Faulds of Hardened Bones


Aspect of Hardened Bones

Coldbringer’s Adventurer’s Boots


Coldbringer’s Aspect

Bloodless Scream

Two-Handed Scythe

Unique Item Effect – Your Darkness Skills Chill enemies for up to 40%. Lucky Hit: Your Darkness Skills have up to a 100% chance to generate additional Essence against Frozen targets.

Band of Decay


Aspect of Decay

Ring of Frenzied Dead


Aspect of Frenzied Dead

Blighted Choker


Blighted Aspect

Some of the Aspects on display through this gear support the Shadowblight Key Passive, which increases the damage of the Necromancer’s Minions. This gear allows the player to gain even more Minions than usual, allowing them to build a horrifying army that protects their character in battle. Despite how the Unique items cannot be found on anything less than World Tier 3 in Diablo 4, plenty of good Imprints here synergize with the Skills in this build.

Best Paragon Boards For an Endgame Necromancer Build

A Necromancer surrounded by minions in Diablo 4

On the nine Paragon Boards available in Diablo 4 to the Necromancer, Nodes such as Cult Leader, Hulking Monstrosity, Overlord, and Flesh-Eater are all great for this class build. The first two give increased health and damage to Minions, similar to the Mastery investments on the Skill Tree. Overlord also contributes by giving Minions another damage buff and increasing the Necromancer’s base Intelligence stat.

The Flesh-Eater Legendary Node allows players to deal nearly 40% increased damage by choosing to consume Corpses rather than use them for raising Minions or other Skills.

Some Glyph sockets worth mentioning are Control and Deadraiser, which might be the strongest endgame buffs for the class. Control can be upgraded to drastically increase damage against Frozen or Crowd Controlled targets, which will almost always be true with Cold Mages and Corpse Explosion. Deadraiser also buffs Minions, which will always be the core of the best Necromancer endgame build in Diablo IV.

Source: YouTube/P4wnyhof

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