Warning: SPOILERS lie ahead for Extraction 2!

With the character having survived being shot, stabbed and thrown around in multiple movies, Extraction 2 director Sam Hargrave weighs in on whether Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake can ever die. The Netflix sequel brought back Hemsworth’s mercenary for a more personal mission, hired by his ex-wife to rescue her sister and her kids from a Georgian gulag where they’re trapped living with her gangster husband. After a brutal fight with the gangster’s brother, the movie ends with Rake surviving and being recruited by Idris Elba’s mysterious character for a new mission.


Ahead of the movie’s Netflix premiere, Screen Rant caught up exclusively with Sam Hargrave for a spoiler-filled Extraction 2 discussion. When asked whether Hemsworth’s new action hero can ever die after being put through multiple grinders, the director humorously teased that he and his team will need multiple movies to determine this, but even then still might not be possible. See what Hargrave shared below:

Well, we’ll have to have another movie or two or three and see you know? We haven’t found anything yet that can take Tyler Rake down, he’s just a tough S.O.B., and when he gets something on his mind to accomplish, nothing’s gonna stop him, not even death! [Laughs]

How Tyler Rake Compares To Modern Other Action Heroes

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction 2

Since making his debut in 2020’s Extraction, Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake has quickly begun making a name for himself in the modern action genre scene. Benefitting both from having the Thor actor behind the character and stunt coordinator-turned-director Hargrave at the helm, Rake has exhibited the sheer strength seen in Hemsworth’s Marvel Cinematic Universe past as well as the sleek hand-to-hand combat such franchises as Keanu Reeves’ John Wick have become known for in recent years.

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Even across his two movies, the body count across both Extraction movies are making Tyler Rake one of the most formidable action heroes on screen right now. Netflix reported he killed 183 people in the first movie, though a kill count-focused site later indicated it was actually 80 people, both of which puts him ahead of Reeves’ first Wick outing of 77 kills. No official number has been revealed for Extraction 2, though early estimates put visually confirmed kills at 29, significantly lower than John Wick: Chapter 2‘s 128, but with his facing multiple armies, this number could go up.

Regardless of the body count, Extraction 2 did up the stakes with its 21-minute one-take sequence, something the John Wick franchise has yet to fully attempt, relying on enthralling, long-take fight scenes over stylish, multi-location set pieces. With Hemsworth confirming at this month’s TUDUM event that he and Netflix were in talks for Extraction 3 following the more positive response to the newly released sequel, it’s becoming clear Rake is on his way to being one of the most recognizable action heroes out there.


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