Darren Drozdov, the former WWE superstar known as Droz, passed away today at the age of 54.

Prior to his life in the wrestling ring, Drozdov was a professional football player, having played for two years in the NFL for the Denver Broncos before playing in the Canadian Football League for the Montreal Alouettes. Drozdov would go on to sign with WWE in the late 1990s, and made his debut with the company in 1998. For some time, Drozdov’s claim to fame was his ability to make himself vomit on command.

Tragically, Drodzov’s in-ring career was cut short. In 1999, he fractured two vertebrae in his neck after slipping in the ring during a move in a match against D’Lo Brown. As a result, Drozdov was initially left as a quadriplegic, with no movement below his neck. Thankfully, however, the superstar would regain movement in his upper body and arms.

In a statement from Drozdov’s family, Drozdov was praised for his “faith in humanity,” and the family thanked his fans, teammates, colleagues, and friends for supporting and loving him throughout the years.

“We lived this journey with him over the past 24 years,” reads the statement of Drozdov’s family. “We were always there through the good times and the bad, and provided him with our unconditional love. We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to everyone. All of his fans, teammates, colleagues, and friends for all the love and support he received over the years. You all gave him meaning, purpose and something to live for. He loved each and every one of you and cherished the conversations, notes and letters he received. His faith in humanity never faltered, so know that for all the love you’ve shown him, he loved you back.”

ComingSoon sends condolences to Drozdov’s family and friends at this time.


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