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Mumbai: A witness in the money-laundering case against NCP minister Nawab Malik has told Enforcement Directorate that Iqbal Kaskar had told him that his older brother, fugitive terror accused Dawood Ibrahim, who is based in Pakistan, sends Rs 10 lakh to his siblings every month.
“Kaskar told me Dawood would send money through his men. He said he too would get Rs 10 lakh every month. On a couple of occasions, he showed me wads of cash and said he’d received the money from Dawoodbhai,” Khalid Usman Shaikh told ED.
Khalid’s brother, who was Kaskar’s childhood friend, was killed in a gang war. He was also known to Dawood’s sister Haseena Parkar’s driver-cum-bodyguard Salim Patel. Khalid told ED that once Patel had told him that he, along with Haseena, were extorting money using Dawood’s name and encroaching upon properties. ED alleged that Patel, along with Haseena, also illegally grabbed the Goawala compound in Mumbai’s Kurla area which they later sold to Malik’s family.
Several witnesses, including Kaskar and Haseena’s son Alishah (29), have also spoken about Dawood residing in Pakistan. “His wife’s name is Mehjabeen. He has five children. One son named Moin. All his daughters are married. His son also married,” said Kaskar, who is arrested in extortion and money-laundering cases. Kaskar added that another brother, Anees, an accused in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, too lives in Pakistan.
Alishah told ED: “I heard from sources and family members that Dawood is in Karachi… occasionally like on Eid, Diwali and on other festive occasions Mehjabeen… would get in touch with my wife and my sisters.”

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