Dexter Killed It’s Best Possible Spinoff Before New Blood

While Dexter: New Blood concluded some important storylines and might enable a new spinoff, the best spinoff was killed a long time ago.

The best spinoff that could have come from the Dexter franchise was prevented long before Dexter: New Blood. In the sequel series, Dexter is reunited with his teenage son, Harrison, and haunted by visions of his dead sister, Deb. The series concludes Dexter’s story and seems to put Harrison’s story to rest as well, so a future spinoff might seem forced.

Throughout Dexter and Dexter: New Blood, viewers are introduced to a wide cast of characters, including Dexter’s co-workers at the police department. With Debra Morgan as a detective and Dexter Morgan as a blood spatter analyst that moonlights as a serial killer, the two function as two sides of a spectrum. While their relationship was often close (sometimes too close), it was strained when Debra learned about Dexter’s extracurricular activities.


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The Best Dexter Spinoff Would Have Focused On Deb

When Debra found out that Dexter was murdering people, she understandably struggled to comprehend his actions and methods. However, she grew to defend him, ultimately killing LaGuerta to prevent Dexter from being arrested. This put further strain on the character, but she was eventually killed in the Dexter series finale.

By killing Debra Morgan, Dexter also killed its best chance at a successful spinoff. Any future series about Harrison would struggle to distinguish itself from Dexter and would risk destroying the message of Dexter: New Blood. However, a series focused on Deb could have brought something new to the franchise while still being solidly located within it.

If, instead of killing Debra off, she had been allowed to live after Dexter’s demise, she could have continued as a detective with a troubled past and connection to face. This would have allowed Deb to follow in Lundy’s footsteps, paying off the character’s death, with her potentially even joining the FBI. Deb could have spent a spinoff reckoning with the events of Dexter while using her knowledge of her brother and his habits as part of profiling other killers who had even less of a moral compass or code than Dexter.

Could A Dexter Spinoff About Deb Still Happen?

Dexter comes close to Debra in a promotional photo for Dexter

Throughout Dexter, Debra Morgan’s storyline is relatively well fleshed out. If not seen in flashbacks, conversations with her brother explain her life from childhood up to the time of the series, leaving no room for a prequel, and a series set at the same time would struggle to avoid obvious pitfalls. The only viable way for Dexter to create a Deb-centric spinoff at this point would be to retcon the end of Dexter season 8 and Dexter: New Blood along with it. White there are almost certainly some audience members who would be in favor of removing the controversial installments from canon, it does not seem terribly likely that it will happen.

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