WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for From season 2, episode 9, “Ball of Magic Fire.”The shocking ending of From season 2, episode 9, “Ball of Magic Fire,” sets the characters on various paths of solving the town’s mysteries as the fates of three individuals hang in the balance. Following up on the cliffhanger ending of From season 2, episode 8, the latest episode kicks off with the town being forbidden from sleeping after discovering that Paula was killed in daylight while napping. As the town is split into four locations – the RV, Colony House, the post office, and the Liu family’s house – for the night, the residents work to unfold their shared cryptic visions and dreams, the weaknesses of the monsters, and the new threats that the forest has unleashed.


The cast and characters of From season 2 dig deeper into the supernatural phenomena of the town during “Ball of Magic Fire,” including the meaning of the cicadas and the mysterious recurring nursery rhyme. Meanwhile, Tabitha and Jade work out how their visions connect to the tragedies Victor saw as a child, Kenny and Sara confront one another about their unresolved conflicts, Boyd sees visions of his late wife Abby, and the monsters begin to exhibit curious habits in relation to the music box. From season 2, episode 9, “Ball of Magic Fire,” concludes with Randall, Julie, and Marielle on the brink of death as their visions harm them in reality, setting up horrifying fates for several characters in the season finale.

From Season 2 Episode 9’s Nursery Rhyme Reveals Explained

From Season 2 Episode 8 Resident Running Covered in Blood

From season 2, episode 9 expands on the characters’ understanding of a nursery rhyme that has been heard in their visions. First appearing in Kenny’s vision of the boiling cicadas, the nursery rhyme states, “They touch, they break, they steal. No one here is free. Here they come, they come for three, unless you stop the melody.” Reggie reveals in “Ball of Magic Fire” that Paula had uttered this rhyme as she was dying at the end of From season 2, episode 8, with the rhyme then returning as Elgin recalls his dream from the bus.

After hearing that Fatima is pregnant, Elgin is finally able to remember his dream from when the bus drove into town, which featured the Boy in White repeating the phrase “Here they come, they come for three, unless you stop the melody.” The characters then work out that the phrases come from an old nursery rhyme, though this is a fictional rhyme specific to the literary universe of the Stephen King-approved horror show. It’s unclear if there’s a supernatural or dark meaning behind the fact that Fatima being pregnant reminded Elgin of this dream and nursery rhyme, but it does tease the potential demise of three characters with the line “they come for three.”

Why From’s Characters Are Forbidden From Sleeping In “Ball Of Magic Fire”

From season 2 Victor, Kristi, Kenny, Boyd

The characters are put on strict orders to stay awake during From season 2, episode 9, as Paula’s death occurred while she was sleeping. It’s clear now that the monsters of the town no longer simply hunt in the dark, as the supernatural threats can also harm the residents in their dreams. In order to avoid another death while dreaming, From’s characters are not allowed to sleep during “Ball of Magic Fire.”

What The Cicadas Mean In From Season 2

Harold Perrineau as Boyd Stevens in front of a diner in From.

From season 2 has introduced the song of cicadas growing louder, though their arrival doesn’t appear to be due to the insects’ periodical nature. The cicadas have appeared in the town, in the dreams of characters like Kenny, and now attacking people who are seemingly awake. Sara suggests that the cicadas have arrived as a new threat from the forest, perhaps as a reincarnation of her late brother Nathan’s worst fears. Sara reveals that Nathan was especially terrified of the insects as a child, suggesting that his death in From season 1 led to his own nightmare becoming real for the survivors. If the threatening cicadas truly are a manifestation of Nathan’s worst fear, then new nightmares will attack the characters in From season 3.

Considering cicadas have also been symbolically associated with dusk and music, their inclusion in From season 2 is fitting with the show’s themes. The monsters sleep during the day and attack at night, so cicadas’ association with dusk suits the timeline in which the forest’s terrors are released. Additionally, From season 2 has given increasing importance to music through the mysterious music box, which has also appeared alongside the cicadas in various visions. The last line of From’s nursery rhyme, “They come for three, unless you stop the melody,” could refer to the songs of the cicadas, perhaps hinting that three characters will die unless the singing cicadas are eradicated.

What’s Happens To Julie, Randall & Marielle In From Season 2 Episode 9’s Ending – Will They Survive?

From season 2 episode 9 Tian Chen Victor Julie Ethan

In From season 2, episode 9’s ending, Julie, Randall, and Marielle appear to be the “three” that could die if the “melody” isn’t stopped. In the dark outside, Randall is seen attacked by cicadas that crawl down his throat, seemingly choking and killing him. Meanwhile, Marielle, who Kristi says has a history of seeing things that aren’t really there, is attacked by cicadas that enter her room in Colony House. The cicadas similarly choke Marielle as they crawl down her throat, but when Kristi enters the room, nothing is there beside Marielle herself. At the same time, Julie begins to scream and choke in another location, with From’s other characters being unable to see any cicadas.

“Ball of Magic Fire” suggests that Julie, Randall, and Marielle are all being attacked by the cicadas from their visions, such as how Kenny was physically burned by a cicada in his dream earlier in From season 2. With three characters suffering from this same potentially fatal vision in From season 2, episode 9’s ending, the town must work quickly to stop the “melody” and save them. It seems unlikely that Jim and Tabitha’s daughter Julie would be killed off in From’s season 2 finale, though the forest’s monsters have proven to be unforgiving and indiscriminate.

Is Tabitha Going To Find The Tower? Her Plan To Go Home Explained

From season 2 episode 9 Tabitha jade

After discovering the pictures drawn by Victor’s sister Eloise during From season 2, episode 8, Tabitha spends much of her time in “Ball of Magic Fire” trying to decipher the connections between the drawing, her visions, and a way to escape town. Victor’s flashbacks revealed that his mother went to a tower to save the children trapped there on the night that “the bad things happened,” who appear to be the children that Tabitha continues to see in her visions. In From season 2, episode 9, Tabitha realizes that she has to find the tower she had already walked the steps of in her dreams, as this is likely the same place that the children were held.

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While she initially believed that the children in her dreams were scaring her, Tabitha now recognizes that they’re asking for her help. Tabitha is seemingly being sent on the same path that Victor’s mother took 40 years ago, as she believed that saving the children was their only way to “get everyone home.” It’s likely that in From’s season 2 finale, Tabitha will venture to the tower and attempt to find the children, which could become a way to finally send everyone back home. However, history could also repeat itself, thus potentially sending Tabitha and the rest of the town down the same tragic path as Victor’s mother and the other residents 40 years prior.

Why Did The Monsters Stop When The Music Box Played?

From season 2 episode 9 monsters

One of the most shocking occurrences in From season 2, episode 9, “Ball of Magic Fire,” is when the monsters begin walking up to the RV before inexplicably stopping. Donna, Boyd, Jim, and Randall are unable to explain why they’re stopping, but it coincides with the music from the music box playing over the radio in the RV. Once the music stops, a monster attempts to break into the RV. Since the nursery rhyme states that “They come for three, unless you stop the melody,” the song from the music box likely plays a role in controlling From’s mysterious monsters and how they attack the residents.

What Kenny Taking The Gun From Sara Really Means

Kenny Liu in From season 2 episode 9

Upon finding out that Sara was responsible for the death of his father, Kenny is adamant that she deserves to spend a night in the Box, which is ultimately a death sentence to be ripped apart by the monsters. While the two are trapped in a building together for the night, their grievances are aired and seemingly closer to being resolved. At one point, Sara wishes that she could die because nobody wants her in town and she believes she can never be forgiven for her actions. Kenny gives her a gun and exits the room, then returns to see Sara loading the weapon with two bullets and playing Russian roulette with herself.

Kenny takes the gun away from Sara in order to prevent her death, despite the fact that he had wished for it only moments earlier. While Kenny was upset and grieving the death of his father all over again, he didn’t actually want Sara to take her life. Kenny isn’t a murderer, and understands Sara’s assessment that the town turns people into monsters that they don’t recognize anymore. Although Kenny ultimately saved Sara’s life in From season 2, episode 9’s ending, they aren’t apt to become friends or completely put the past behind them in the show’s future.

Is Abby A Monster? Why Boyd Sees Her In From Season 2 Episode 9

Harold Perrineau as Boyd Stevens in From

As Boyd leaves the RV in From season 2, episode 9, he sees a vision of his late wife Abby standing in the vehicle saying, “Come back to me.” From season 2 revealed that Boyd fatally shot Abby after she had taken a gun and attacked several residents of the town, believing that they were in a dream and needed to be woken up. The guilt of killing Abby has stuck with Boyd since, but seeing her in a vision appears to be due to more than just remorse. Boyd’s visions have become more intense since being given Martin’s blood, so the town could be sending visions of Abby in order to torment and psychologically manipulate him.


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