Elizabeth Olsen Says Wanda Will Take Accountability for ‘Westview’

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is about the Master of the Mystic Arts tapping into the multiverse and facing the consequences of altering events in the sacred timeline. The film is to continue his story from Spider-Man: No Way Home, where he once again makes a wrong decision at the behest of a teenager. But, the film is not just about him. The film also follows Wanda Maximoff’s journey from where she left it in WandaVision.

In WandaVision, realizing her mistake, she releases residents of Westview from her spell, sacrificing her desire to have a family and home with Vision and her “kids.” The show’s finale revealed that Westview’s sitcom reality was a result of Wanda’s grief of losing all those close to her. Though she leaves the town, restoring it back to its normal state, she escapes punishment from law enforcement and without being held accountable for her actions against Westview residents.


However, talking to Variety during the film’s premiere, Elizabeth Olsen revealed that her character hasn’t truly escaped her mistakes. She might be in isolation and away from prison, but there will be personal accountability she’ll take for her actions. Olsen said:

I remember people saying at the end of WandaVision, ‘She has no accountability.’ She’s gonna take accountability for herself. She’s gonna isolate, she’s gonna think about it, and she’s gonna grow.

Apparently, a section of fans were dissatisfied by the way Wanda was let go without any consequences for her actions. However, Wanda’s journey isn’t over as well. As the actress says, Wanda will be in a position where her mistakes will come back to haunt her.

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How Events of WandaVision May Catch Up to Scarlet Witch

In the final sequence of WandaVision, we saw Wanda studying magic from the Darkhold in her astral form, snapping her cosmic hands as she hears the cries of her kids, Billy and Tommy. The scene was a hint that Wanda may not be over her grief yet and that there could be further sequences of her newfound status as Scarlet Witch.

It’s probable that the film will take us into some parts of her life post-WandaVision, as teased in the appearance of her kids, Billy and Tommy in Multiverse of Madness trailers. The film shall focus further on Wanda’s vulnerabilities, as well as her powers of Chaos Magic, which supersedes that of the Sorcerer Supreme. For Wanda, coming out of isolation while dealing with her grief can lead to further catastrophe, and her past mistakes may catch up to her during this charade. Furthermore, the trailers showed Wanda seeing Strange holding no responsibility for his actions at all as unfair, which may or may not lead to another mental conflict for Wanda.

Scarlet Witch’s story has a huge potential to carry on in the MCU. The character in the comics turns villainous when she chooses to revive her kids, who turn out to be Mephisto’s fragments. The show’s numerous theories had hinted at Mephisto as a potential future villain, and it could be what’s planned for Wanda’s future in the MCU.

A big part of Wanda’s story could link to her time in isolation when she studies the Darkhold, which fans would expect to see in Multiverse of Madness. However, given the film’s short runtime and prime focus on Strange and other story elements such as Illuminati, Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, and Hayley Atwell’sCaptain Carter, there’s no telling how Wanda will have her own arc continuing from WandaVision in the film.

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