Gal Gadot celebrates Snow White’s 85th anniversary by sharing fan art and opening up about her excitement for her future role in the franchise.

Gal Gadot commemorates the 85th anniversary of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves by sharing fan art of her and Rachel Zegler as the Evil Queen and Snow White, respectively. Although fans of Gadot were saddened by the news that Wonder Woman 3 was scrapped at DC, she still has another intriguing project on the horizon. Gadot will be starring in Disney’s live-action Snow White, which is a remake of the beloved 1937 animated film based on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. The role is a stark departure from her previous gigs as she will be putting her spin on a notorious, classic villain. Fans have already started to imagine what she might look like in the role, and the results are breathtaking.


Now that she is officially a part of Disney’s Snow White franchise, Gadot took to Instagram to celebrate Snow White and the Seven Dwarves‘ 85th anniversary. To celebrate, she selected several fan art pieces that imagined her and Zegler in their Snow White roles. The art speculated on the many different designs Gadot may take on as the Evil Queen, since the first look at her actual costume hasn’t been unveiled. Her post expressed the respect she has for the legacy of Snow White and her desire to continue adding to that legacy. Check out her post below:

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Everything We Know About Disney’s Live-Action Snow White Remake

Reports first arose in 2016 that Disney was developing a live-action Snow White remake. Screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson and director Marc Webb were the earliest two crew members reported to be attached to the film. Wilson’s role as screenwriter and Webb’s as director of the film has stuck, though Greta Gerwig joined Wilson as a co-screenwriter in 2021. In mid-2021, Zegler was officially cast in the titular role of the film. She will make history as Disney’s first live-action princess of Latin descent.

Shortly after Zegler was cast as Snow White, it was announced that Gadot had been cast as the main antagonist, the Evil Queen. Martin Klebba was later cast as one of Snow White’s most memorable dwarves, Grumpy. Dujonna Gift, Colin Michael Carmicheal, and Andrew Burnap have all also been cast in Snow White, though details on their characters have been kept a secret. The lack of casting and plot details is surprising, considering that filming already wrapped earlier this year. The first look at Zegler as Snow White came from set photos shared online. Aside from confirming a release date of March 22, 2024, Disney has been keeping things tightly under wraps.

Despite the secrecy, Snow White has the potential to be a worthy adaption of the original animated film. As the fan art clearly shows, Zegler and Gadot could bring Snow White and the Evil Queen to life in an incredible way if done right. As for the plot, it is expected to follow the original tale fairly closely, featuring the princess, the poisoned apple, and a version of the seven dwarves. However, Snow White has already received some skepticism, particularly from Peter Dinklage, who felt that Disney would be reinforcing negative stereotypes by including the dwarves in the live-action remake. Disney stated that they were consulting with the dwarfism community for these seven characters, but haven’t revealed how they’ll ultimately portray these roles. Disney’s Snow White has the potential to be a magical adaptation with Zegler and Gadot in the lead roles, but it will need to be careful with how it modernizes the tale.

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