Warning: SPOILERS for Multiversity: Harley Screws Up the DCU #4Harley Quinn has a new romance, and it’s deadly for one of the DCEU’s biggest characters. Harley has turned the eye of Aquaman‘s dad — “screwing up” Arthur Curry’s origin story in the process.

Harley Quinn and Aquaman’s father feel the sparks fly in Multiversity: Harley Screws Up the DCU #4 by Frank Tieri, Logan Faerber, and Ferran Delgado. Earth-0’s Harley Quinn meets Tom Curry during her extended time travel shenanigans, which she recounts to an alternate-universe version of herself from a Starro-controlled timeline. As Harley tells Starro-Harley, her time machine dumped her on Curry’s boat before he could meet the Queen of Atlantis, with the fisherman unable to resist her charms.

Harley Quinn Distracts Aquaman's Dad

From there, sparks flew, and Aquaman was never born. As Starro-Harley so eloquently says, “he was busy getting freaky-deaky” with Harley Quinn, and that romance completely distracted Tom Curry from meeting the woman who would eventually be Aquaman’s mother.

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Harley Quinn’s Time Travel Misadventures Explained

Harley Quinn Disrupts Aquaman's Origin

Harley Quinn’s romances are often ill-fated — other than her relatively healthy relationship with fellow anti-hero Poison Ivy. But this “bad romance” is special because it literally changes the course of the DCU, much like Harley’s other time travel escapades in Multiversity: Harley Screws Up the DCU. The miniseries follows Harley in the wake of a chaotic adventure that Harley herself can’t seem to remember. But the alternate Harley from the Starro-controlled timeline that Earth-0’s Harley caused comes back to help set things right, because — as Starro-Harley reveals — Harley Quinn’s time travel trip accidentally “screwed up” the origins of all the major Justice League heroes.

Though Harley Quinn’s love for Poison Ivy is, at this point, legendary, she’s been hurt by the Joker’s love for practically the entirety of her history. It’s easy to see how she fell for a superhero’s father. Tom Curry is someone kind and noble enough to raise the future king of Atlantis, and it certainly can’t hurt that he’s a hunky fisherman. As Harley says herself: “He wasn’t so bad lookin’. In an even crustier, more insane Gorton’s Fisherman kind of way.” Harley Quinn has had a hard life. Surely she deserves a Gorton’s Fisherman-looking man every once in a while.

Jokes aside, Harley Quinn’s zany trip through the Justice League’s history has been a delight filled with visual and quippy gags — which one expects from a time-traveling pair of Harleys. Even though Aquaman gets sidelined so Harley Quinn can catch herself a new man, it’s better than Tom Curry getting murdered by Starro — which is how this issue ends. Here’s hoping Harley has better luck in the romance department next time around.

Check out Multiversity: Harley Screws Up the DCU #4, available now from DC Comics!


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